how to treat tailbone pain

The lifestyle of most people today involves prolonged hours in a seated position. Whether at home or working in an office, the lack of physical activity can lead to or aggravate some underlying conditions such as tailbone pain.

Before we discuss possible treatments, it’s vital to understand what causes tailbone pain and why it’s so prevalent.

The tailbone area is located at the base of the spine and is scientifically called the coccyx. Anyone who is suffering from tailbone pain or coccyx pain understands how uncomfortable it can be. In some severe situations, tailbone pain can be debilitating, enough to prevent a person from engaging in day to day activities. Most of the time, a seat cushion or a wedge pillow for tailbone pain is sufficient to relieve the pain while in a seated position, but in more severe conditions, you may need to resort to medical treatment or see a physical therapist.

What causes tailbone pain?

The tailbone is in an area at the bottom of the spine where there are various nerve endings, muscle connections, ligaments and tendons. This part of the body can be quite sensitive especially when subjected to pressure.

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The common causes of tailbone pain are as follows:


Falling backward and landing on your behind or any similar accident can inflame the nerves and ligaments in the tailbone. Depending on how severe the injury, you may sustain fracture or bruise in the coccyx. A person who engages in activities like horseback riding and cycling may also be prone to tailbone pain. Sitting down for extended periods, such as taking a long-distance flight puts a significant amount of pressure to the base of the spine; hence the pain. To relieve the discomfort, a donut pillow for tailbone pain or a seat riser cushion is recommended.


Another cause of tailbone pain is from childbirth. The pressure put on the coccyx during delivery may result in chronic tailbone pain post-delivery. If the pain is manageable, frequent exercise, massage, and using a seat cushion can help with the pain.

Other causes of tailbone pain include having unique coccyx morphology and degenerative diseases. In most minor cases, tailbone pain goes away naturally. However, if the pain is too debilitating and a sciatica pillow for sitting is no longer helping, it is best to consult a doctor.

How can seat cushion help alleviate tailbone pain.

1. Pain relief

Ordinary chairs are not designed to provide ample lumbar support. Most chairs have some type of padding or cushion, but the shape of the chair can add to the discomfort of sitting. A coccyx cushion has a unique slope and cut-out feature that prevents exerting too much pressure into the tailbone; hence relieving tailbone pain.

2. Better posture

When you have to sit for a long period of time, it’s easy to get tired and have a bad posture. A memory foam seat cushion pushes the pelvis slightly forward and encourages you to remain conscious about maintaining good posture.

3. Unique design

The unique cut-out and sloping design of a cushion for tailbone pain push the pelvis forward and help in maintaining good posture while sitting. The cut-out design helps reduce the pressure put on the tailbone thus relieving pain and discomfort.

4. High-quality materials

Coccyx seat cushions are typically made with high-quality foam or gel that is durable and easy to maintain. A good seat cushion will last months of regular use. Some brands have washable covers so that you can easily keep your seat cushion clean for a long time.

5. Affordable

For minor tailbone pain and discomfort, a seat cushion will provide consistent relief. You won’t have to spend much on a good cushion. For those who suffer from back pain, it is a worthwhile investment.

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