The aura or energy field that surrounds all living things can contain many vibrant colors. A special camera called a Kirlian Camera can photograph the aura and reveal the aura colors of an individual.

Gifted Psychics can also see aura colors naturally and can give special Aura Readings that can explain the aura color meaning and the likely future destiny of the individual.

Each aura color has a meaning that reflects the personality traits and overall character of an individual. Most people have one or two dominant colors in their aura which will act as a destiny plan for their future. Aura color can be affected by experiences in past lives and current lifetimes and can change over time depending on circumstances, general health and emotional and mental states. But, despite illness, events and circumstances, an aura usually retains the one or two dominant colors throughout life.

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Aura Color Meaning of Red
People with a predominant red aura can easily become bored and need to move on to different interests, projects and relationships. Because of this they leave lots of unfinished ventures in their wake. But if they set their mind to a project and can stick to it, they will have remarkable success and can become extremely wealthy. Red Aura people are direct, to the point and forthright and are not afraid to make their point of view heard. They don’t normally have hidden agendas or ulterior motives.

Aura Color Meaning of Yellow
The yellow aura individual tends to put their head above their heart when faced with difficult choices and decision making. They are unorthodox and unconventional thinkers and not afraid to experiment with different ideas and original concepts. To some the yellow aura individual can seem a little eccentric with unusual interests and hobbies. They are attracted to anything which is considered avant-garde, intellectual or unusual.

Aura Color Meaning of Pink
Pink aura people are strong willed and highly disciplined and will expect high standards from others. They have strong values and morals and seldom deviate from them. Because of their honesty and likable nature they are valued as employees but also make excellent employers because of their sense of fairness.

The pink aura individual is a natural healer, highly sensitive to the needs of others and has strong psychic abilities. They also have very creative ideas and strong imaginations. Because of these personality traits the pink aura person can be a great writer of novels, poetry or song lyrics.

Aura Color Meaning of Green
Green Aura people tend to be very popular, greatly admired and well respected. They make for very successful business people and can create much wealth and prosperity for themselves. Green Aura people like security, stability and balance in their lives. Any plans they make are well thought out, and because of this, they seldom make rash mistakes.

Aura Color Meaning of Orange
The orange aura individual is normally good-hearted, kind and honest. They are very attuned to the emotions of others and can sense and feel their pain and joy. Orange aura people can be very charming, but part of their charm is in their sensitivity to others. They have the ability to make everyone feel at ease in their company. Orange aura people are confident of the impression they make on others and can use this to their advantage. They tend to lead very successful and happy lives.

Aura Color Meaning of Purple
Purple aura people are highly psychic, attuned to the emotions and moods of others, and very sensitive. People who have a predominant amount of purple in their aura are seen as mysterious and secretive. The purple aura individual possesses a philosophical, inquiring and intuitive mind. They love to learn and never stop exploring and inquiring into new subjects and areas that interest them. Because of this they tend to be extremely interesting and knowledgeable people.

Aura Color Meaning of Blue
Having a predominant blue aura or energy field surrounding you can point to a number of personality traits. Totally blue auras are quite rare but can show up as one of the boldest aura colors in people with strong personalities. Blue aura people are the master communicators of the world. They have the ability to convey their thoughts, ideas, views and concepts eloquently and charismatically. They make for excellent writers, poets and politicians. They are incredibly good organizers and can motivate and inspire others.

Aura Color Meaning of Gold
The gold aura individuals are very attractive and love to attract attention, affection and admiration from lots of people. Because of this the gold aura person will have many, many friends. But they are not just takers of time, affection and attention; the gold aura individual will give of their time, energy and love generously. The charm and charisma displayed by the gold aura personality adds to their attractiveness. They are great listeners and can make anyone feel comfortable, important and interesting in their company.

Aura Color Meaning of Silver
Silver Aura people have immense versatility and adaptability and are capable of getting the most out of virtually every opportunity in life. Their high intellect enables then to make the right decisions quickly and follow through with action. Silver Aura people tend to be well blessed in looks, personality and talent and as such are seen as incredibly lucky people. Success seems to come easily to Silver Aura people.

Chakra Clearing is particularly beneficial for anyone who constantly experiences bad luck and setbacks. It can really help anyone who has difficulties moving on, who are unhappy, fearful, confused or depressed.

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