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You cannot turn the clock back nor hope to get the body/health that you had ten years back. However, it is not impossible to be in good health beyond the 40s. With time, your body has changed, your energy level has gone down and other issues must be holding you back from feeling great. If you have always led an unhealthy lifestyle, then there is a high chance that you will have problems with your health. But, it is never too late to bring changes in your lifestyle choices. When you start to make positive changes in your life, there will be a significant improvement in your health.

Below are 6 tips to help you stay healthy when you hit those middle years:

  1. Develop specific eating habits

    Once you reach your 40s, it is essential to choose healthy food over the unhealthy ones. You just can’t look past the importance of developing good eating habits. Some of the habits that you must develop are listed below:

  • Have your breakfast an hour after you get up- After your 40s, your metabolism starts to slow down. Having your meals at a proper time can be helpful for your metabolism. Take your breakfast within the first hour of getting up, and you can refuel your body. Doing this will provide your body with crucial nutrients, prevent a decrease in blood sugar level, reduce unhealthy craving, and slow down the aging process.
  • Have 20-30 grams of Protein in each of your meals- According to Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator based in Denver, in order to maintain the strength of muscle mass, it is necessary to consume 20-30 grams of protein in each meal. When you have more muscle in your body, you will have less fat. Having lean body mass will help you to improve the rate of metabolism.
  • Eat frequently– To keep your metabolism in a healthy state, you have to consistently eat every four-six hours after having your breakfast. This will also help you to burn the fat and stay in shape.
  1. Eat healthy

    There was a time when you could just eat anything without caring much about its effect on your body. But, now as you age, you cannot take the same risk. Although you can indulge in your favorite unhealthy food once in a few months, don’t forget to eat in small quantities. According to Jane, a Nutritionist, and a homework helper, everyone above 40 should say no to junk food and sugar. An article published in the Westchester magazine says some foods that you must add to your diet when you are in the 40s or beyond are oats, salmon, red wine, salads, dark chocolate, etc.

  2. Do regular check-up

    If you have always avoided going for checkups, it’s time you start doing it regularly. You must have a clear idea about your blood sugar level, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.If you are aware of what’s going on in your body, you will be able to take adequate measures to stay healthy. Some people opt for the tests after ages only to find out that the damage is already done. Hence, it is always suggested to get your blood pressure checked whenever you visit a pharmacy. By knowing the status of your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, both you and your doctor will be able to recognize the risk factors that can threaten your health. If you have high blood pressure, you might suffer from heart disease, kidney failure, etc.

  3. Keep stress at bay

    Being overly stressed gives rise to many diseases irrespective of your age. The chances of acquiring these diseases only increase as a person gets older. Some bad diseases that stress can lead to are reduced immune system, weight gain, memory loss, hypertension, depression, etc. You can avoid stress by adopting a relaxed lifestyle and a positive mind. Meditating on a daily basis is also important. Along with this, you should also start networking or socializing, engage in activities that will exercise your brain and create a de-stressing diet for you to avoid stress.

  4. Don’t take medications without talking to your doctor

    You might be tempted to take quick fixing pills or supplements, but you should not do so. Most people start taking vitamin pills just after reading a magazine. But, it is impossible for you to know the ways in which it can harm your body. It is always suggested to talk to your doctor or any other professional before you arrive at the decision of consuming a new pill or supplement. A professional can inform you about the pros and cons of such pills and tell you in what amount you should have the same.

  5. Exercise regularly

    When you are in your 40s or beyond, you might find it difficult to have some time out of your busy schedule to exercise. But, it is important to find the time. If you believe that your body lacks the flexibility to exercise, you should go for special activities for people of all ages. Exercise can work wonders as an anti-aging treatment. If you exercise in your 40s or beyond, you will be able to increase your energy levels and improve the shape of your body. Along with this, you can keep diabetes and cardiovascular diseases away. Remember to do frequent exercising, but with lower intensity. You can try stretching, Yoga, Pilates, swimming, bike riding and strength training. You can also make exercising fun by joining a Zumba class. According to a study, exercising in your aging days can help you to enhance your aerobic capacity.

  6. Get rid of bad habits

    If you are in your 40s or beyond, you must quit smoking immediately. This is a habit you should have ditched a long time ago. However, when in your middle ages, it is essential to get rid of this one at any cost. It is indeed not easy to let go of if you are a chain smoker, but you can always get ask for alternatives to help you with the process. You can lower the chances of having lung disease and lung cancer just by quitting smoking. You should also lower the consumption of alcohol after your 40s. Although drinking one a week is permissible, try not to overdo things that will make things tough for your body.

Incorporate these changes in your life and you will be blessed with good health in your 40s and beyond. Go for the lifestyle changes mentioned above and enjoy good health for many years to come.

Author: Marceline Joseph is an online math solver, programmer and an academic writer associated with Besides being associated with the education and teaching industry, Marceline is a passionate stamp collector and chess player.

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