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Traveling can be hard on the body’s health, due to change of environment and exposure to new germs. For those who travel often for work, it can be difficult to maintain your health while constantly on-the-go with business meetings, stressful trade shows, and other business events, especially if you are coming off a severe jet lag.

Here are a few tips to staying healthy while traveling:

1. Doctor

When planning a trip, schedule an appointment with your doctor beforehand in order to schedule a check-up or schedule any shots you might need if traveling outside of the country. However, if you are not enrolled in a healthcare plan, not only are you likely facing an obamacare tax penalty, it can be much more difficult to get appointments in a timely manner, thus delaying your trip and possibly your health.

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2. Nutrition

When at home, it is easier to keep a steady diet, for you can cook in your own kitchen. However, when on the road, you typically are forced to eat restaurant food or hotel food to fuel your body for the day. Because the food available may not be very nutritious, it is important you make conscious decisions to eat healthily.

For instance, avoid heavy foods, such as breakfast sausage and fried breakfast potatoes. Instead, look to start the day with healthy fresh fruit, whole grain cereal, and yogurt. Think light lunches and nutritious snacks throughout the day, like nuts and protein bars. Make sure to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated throughout the trip.


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3. Exercise

While jet lag and other work complications can impede on your time to exercise, it is really important to your health to squeeze in a workout or two while traveling. It helps keep your immune system healthy and balanced, which is critical to your body’s overall health. Because traveling often means weird sleep patterns or exposure to new germs, exercising can help to combat those issues.

4. Medicine and Vitamins

A great way to avoid getting sick while traveling is to take preventative measures with medicine and vitamins. In case you do catch a cold while traveling, pack non-drowsy cold medicine to help your body fight off the sickness while staying alert during your business travels. Plus, while on the trip, make sure to take vitamins, such as Vitamin C, which can help to keep your immune system strong.

5. Sleep

Even though traveling can often disrupt sleep patterns, it is important to your health to try to get as much sleep as possible while traveling. Try not to stay out too late so that you can be fully rested for the next day. If you have trouble sleeping in hotels, for the bed and sounds of the city are different than being at home, try a few relaxing techniques before bed. They can help your body to unwind and feel more peaceful, which can lead to a restful sleep.

These four tips can help you stay happy and healthy while traveling.

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