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Did you know that the average person walks 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day and 115,000 miles in a lifetime? Our feet are the body’s hardest workers, yet despite this they tend to get little love in return and nowhere is this more apparent than in the way we dress them.

When it comes to picking out shoes, many of us make the mistake of choosing fashion over foot health. We often fail to realize the importance of looking after our feet until it’s too late. Yet, the majority of foot problems are brought about by poorly-chosen footwear and can be easily prevented just by taking the time and effort to find the right shoes.

When Your Feet Hurt, You Hurt All Over

The feet account for ¼ of all our bones, and in a way act as the foundation for the rest of the body. Consequently, when something goes wrong with our feet, it can trigger a range of issues affecting our overall health and wellbeing. Medical studies have found that poorly designed or ill-fitting footwear can lead to a myriad of health problems such as joint pain, back problems, and bad posture. In fact, a staggering 90 percent of women’s foot deformities are directly caused by bad shoes. 

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For example, the regular use of high heels has been found to contribute to joint degeneration and tendonitis and a 2011 study revealed that regular high heel wearers are six times more likely to get osteoarthritis. However, the danger doesn’t solely lie with killer heels, as wearing old, worn-out shoes with uneven solves has been linked to back pain, imbalances as well as strain on muscles and tendons.

Finding Your Sole-Mate

When it comes to buying new shoes, it’s best to invest wisely. Do your research beforehand on what makes a shoe fit for purpose. It’s not just a matter of money, however, it is just as critical to learn how to shop for shoes. When going shoe-shopping, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you find a pair of shoes that help rather than harm your feet. For example, always get your feet measured before trying on anything. Another good tip is to wear the same type of socks or hosiery that you will intend to wear under the shoes.

Your Feet Will Thank You!

One of the most effective ways of keeping up good foot health is by investing in the proper footwear. For more helpful tips and tricks on how to find the best shoes for your feet, take a look at this infographic guide courtesy of the team at Gabor Shoes. This helpful guide also offers some advice on basic footcare activities you can attempt at home to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Don’t be a fashion victim, read the infographic below to discover more about how your shoes affect your health.

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