It’s undoubtedly true that every person has endured pain at certain times in life. The pain lasts for a short time or even last for longer periods than normal. If it persists beyond 12 weeks, then it’s referred to as chronic pains.

Chronic pain can result from arthritis, nerve damage, infections, past injuries and so on. However, chronic pains may start without even linkable causes. According to, the following are some of the signs that show chronic pains may be affecting you.

Burning Sensation

The sensation occurs like a burning in your nerves. In fact, the problem affects the nervous system due to nerve damage whereby injured nerve fibers become overactive, and the pain feeling erupts. The burning of feet is a more common occurrence, especially for diabetic and alcoholic people.

Dull Ache

These are hard to pinpoint pains that occur in various body parts. The dull pain may not be itchy. Yet, it can last longer compared to the effect of sharp pains. With time, they can become chronic pains.

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According to Somatic Movement Center, soreness is caused by muscle contraction. That occurs when the muscles contract and squeeze blood vessels, making them operate abnormally. The pressed vessels are restricted from passing blood at a regular rate. The continued occurrence of this effect also prevents the flow of oxygen and other nutrients, leading to pain and cell damage. The effects lead to soreness and chronic pains.


It’s a disturbing and a continuing pulsatile feeling that a person feels. Anxiety or fear may cause it, and at times it may just occur for no reason at all. Throbbing pain may be due to increased blood pressure. The feeling happens in one or more parts of the body with non-consistent rates. The feeling can sometimes shift from one part of the body to another.

Such signs may indicate the need for specialized medication. Various pharmacies accredited by PCAB deal with the compounding of prescription medicine to come up with better medication that uniquely meets the need of the patient. Many bring together qualified pharmacists and use updated technology in medicine to create the compounds using the latest expertise. Some make sure to work closely with patients in an effort to personalize the medication to deal with the chronic pains. These compounds are set to assist in individualized pain control. Since the strains may be caused by more than one, the compound prescription is effective in reducing and eliminating the pains.

Chronic pains are curable, and the pain levels and magnitude depend on the time it has been on the move. Acute pains can be quickly relieved using the common painkillers. However, for severe pains, one will need to seek medical attention from a doctor.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your compounded medicinal needs, Hannah recommends Potter’s House Apothecary.

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