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For many of us, 2020 was the year that really put our work-life balance to the test. Striking a healthy balance between performing well at work and showing up for our families — and enjoying our lives — outside the office was hard enough. 

When you add a pandemic to that equation or move the office right into your home, it gets even more challenging and confusing. Questions arise such as “Where do work stop and home life begin?” or “How do you manage family responsibilities, from child care to keeping up with friends, when your bedroom, basement, or guest room is now your office?” Figuring out how to stay happy and sane during these very uncertain times is not an easy task.

Importance of work-life balance

There’s good news though! Managing work-life balance may be difficult but it’s definitely not impossible. Professionals in the wellness space, including lifestyle coaches and family therapists, agree that it is possible (and necessary!) to create boundaries between work and life. 

In fact, many of the practices that go a long way are actually small and simple, and easy to put in place starting today.

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For example, making sure to take time for exercise — especially mindful practices, like yoga or running — is beneficial for both the mind and body. This allows us to be sharper at work and more present at home. Exercise also strengthens the link between our mental and physical health. Even small shifts in mindset, such as taking time to enjoy moments with your family or actively adopting a more positive attitude, can have outsized effects on our home and work lives. 

Now that we’ve settled into our 2020 routines, it’s time to start thinking about and planning how we can improve them and achieve a healthier balance in the upcoming year. If you’re hoping to develop a more stable work-life balance and continue to practice self-love in 2021, then the following tips from leading wellness experts are for you.

Zolo summed them up in a helpful visual to reference when you’re looking for guidance.

INFOGRAPHIC: Life Balance Tips from Wellness Experts
10 Work-Life Balance Tips from Wellness Experts

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