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If having a busy schedule is your default scapegoat whenever you feel like skipping a workout session, this list is for you. A lot of times, the assumption is that having a full day makes it very hard for you to squeeze in an hour’s worth of cardio in the gym. What you don’t know is you can exercise with the right mindset and motivation, even at the most normal activities of the day.

1.    Make exercise a priority

Once you accept that exercise is a priority just as paying the bills, the rest can follow easily. Nothing is more important than taking care of your body so you can do what you love with the people you love. This way, exercise is not put off for some other activity that can wait when you’re free.

2.    Use competitions as motivation

If you watch shows like The Biggest Loser, you probably already know what this means. Try setting goals with people who can influence you to exercise for good. Nothing beats the feeling of breaking your own records and getting rewarded for it. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, focusing towards an exercise goal becomes a piece of fat-free cake.

3.    Make a schedule and commit to it

Time management is key. If you’ve heard of the work/ life balance, try to assess where you’re situated. Divide your life portion between family, friends and yourself. Work on building your health, because it automatically lifts up all the other aspects of your life. Having a healthy body not only shows physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

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4.    A little is better than none

Never give up on exercise altogether just because you can’t commit to an hour’s worth of sweating every other day. Try breaking down your workout and see how many you can complete in a week. If you feel discouraged because you only did yoga for fifteen minutes, always think that it could have been worse if you never went through with it.

5.    Make it fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore that you stall when it’s time to do it. Plug in your favorite music or choose a style that works for you. What’s good is that there are now so many videos and classes for you that you can find with a click of a button. Enroll in drum classes or underwater cardio, keep on trying everything until you’ve found the right workout for you.

6.    Bike or walk whenever you can

Never get scared of sweating. Make walking and biking your primary mode of transportation instead of taking an Uber to travel a few blocks away. Activities like these do not feel like exercise at all, and it helps you enjoy the scenery outside too.

7.    Track success

Once you’ve set your fitness goals, track your success by recording measurements, health incidents and weight. This is the best form of motivation you can get yourself. You can always reward yourself with your milestones and even share your story by becoming a Fitbit blogger. Inspire others to do the same and influence a lifestyle of health and positivity.

8.    Work out with your kids

Have quality time while influencing your kids to live a healthy life by working out with your kids. This way, you not only work on spending time with them, but with yourself as well. Gaming consoles now offer dance workouts with music and graphics that your kids can relate to, or you can even help them train for sports. The possibilities are always endless when you have your kids around.

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