Earache may not be life-threatening but yet it is one of the most common reasons that people visit emergency room. The constant pain in one or both the ears would distract you completely from your routine activities and may make your life miserable if not treated in time. Studies reveal that earache is more common amongst children. There could be many reasons for earache, but the most common amongst all is common cold.

Is common cold a reason for your earache?

This being one of the main reasons for earache, you will have to first rule this out. The pain resulted from cold would subside on its own in some time as the cold is cured. Here are the symptoms that will accompany the earache if the pain is resulted from cold –

– Pain can be sharp and burning. It can be mild to severe depending on the effect of cold.

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– Usually accompanied with fever.

– Yellow or green mucus in nose. Stuffy nose.

– Other symptoms of cold.

The main reason for the pain is pressure on the eardrum exerted by the fluid trapped in the ear. You may seek medical help if the pain doesn’t subside with cold or in case it is very severe.

If common cold is not the reason for your earache then check out for other probable causes listed here –

– Earwax accumulation and blockage – Earwax is commonly found in every ear but the problem arises when it starts blocking the ear canal. The excess production of earwax would push it in the ear canal and block it. The pain would come with hearing issues as the ear canal would get blocked. The presence of earwax is normal and it helps in checking the dirt, dust and bacteria from entering the ear canal. Using cotton swap for cleaning or pushing the earwax inside the ear while undertaking cleaning process may be the main reason for this blockage.

– Middle Ear Infection –This is quite common amongst children. It occurs due to inflammation of eardrum due to viral or bacterial attack. The pain that usually occurs in winter and spring would subside on its own without medication. You may seek medical help if it is accompanied by fever.

– Boil or follicle infection – The pain would not be felt in the ear but it would be superficial on the skin surface. The boil or infection of hair follicle would cause earache. If the boil is much inside the canal, then the pain would be substantial.

– Otitis Externa–Outer ear infection or Otitis Externa is also known as “Swimmer’s Ear”. The infection usually occurs in the tube that connects the ear opening to the eardrum. The main reason for this problem is swimming for long hours without covering ears. The water that remains in this tube due to swimming or bathing would induce bacterial growth that would result into earache. Your doctor would prescribe antibiotic airdrops that will fight the bacterial growth and also remove the trapped fluid.

There are many other reasons for earache like jaw arthritis, sinus infection, tooth infection a foreign object stuck in ear and many more, which may be rare and will be accompanied by severe pain. It is better to seek medical help if you are feeling restless due to earache.

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