The news earlier this year that prolonged sitting can be deadly seemed to confirm office worker’s suspicion that they weren’t meant to spend all day in a chair. And it isn’t just the sitting. It’s the stress, inflexible schedules, increased pressure, layoffs and cubicles. Together, it’s a recipe for a general unhealthiness. Here are few tips that can make y our job healthier.

Add plants to your area.

A Washington State University study measured the effects of indoor plants on students performing a slightly stressful computer based task. When researcher decorated the lab with plants, they found that their subjects reaction were 12 percent quicker on the task and their systolic blood pressure fell.

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Reduce over time hours.

Working three to four hours overtime a day is bad for your heart, according to the European Society of Cardiology. Though some of us don’t have the option of reducing our hours, research shows that overtime is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Don’t de-stress with TV

It’s key, especially for those at desk jobs, to reduce your amount of sitting. Instead of watching the tube, add exercise into your after-work routine. A few examples: skip the subway and walk home, go for a post dinner stroll or sign up for a fitness class.

Like your boss.

You may not think that liking your manager has an impact on your health, but it does. For one thing, when advocating for lighter workload or less over time, you’ll have a better shot if your boss is in your corner. Also there evidence that workers who feel they have a good boss appear to have a lower risk of heart disease.

Stop eating at your desk.

If you let bits of your snacks and lunches and vending machine food slip into your keyboard, don’t be surprised to learn that they’re luring vermin out at night. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, workers, who sit at dirty desks may be typing on keyboards and touching spaces that have mouse droppings.

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