Generally, job stress is referred to as challenges on the work front, but the concept of work related stress is entirely different from challenges. A challenge motivates an employee to learn and master new skills whereas job stress depletes the energy as well as the enthusiasm to work. There could be a number of signs of job stress such as lack of proper sleep, loss of concentration, anxiety, depression and even physical illness.

Causes Of Job Stress

There are a number of causes that often leads to job stress. Poor working conditions, work pressure and demands from employers are some of the major reasons leading to an employee’s dissatisfaction towards the workplace and results in job stress.

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Some of the main causes are as follows:

o Job Insecurity: Job insecurity is one of the main causes of stress among employees. Cost cutting techniques employed by several organizations because of mergers, takeovers, downsizing and other changes often leads to tension and frustrations among workers. These reformations have posed pressure on every one from a CEO to a peon.

o Increase In Demand For Performance: High demands for performance and impractical expectations have become the main contributing factors to work related stress. Long working hours and severe pressure to perform well, excessive travel and being away from the family because of work has left employees drained both physically and emotionally.

o Work Culture: Adapting to a working culture is very important and requires the ability to adjust fast to a new environment. It involves adapting to the communication patterns, dress code as well as behavioral patterns of the employer and the co-worker. Maladjustment to the working conditions could lead to silent or violent conflicts with colleagues or even with seniors. It is often observed that office politics and gossips have also led to job stress.

o Technological Advancements: Due to the latest technological advancements in computers, pagers, mobile phones and others devices, employers expectations for productivity, efficiency and speed have increased, thereby leading to increased level of job stress.

Ways To Cope With Job Related Stress

The popular proverb, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ certainly applies in this context. It is observed that every problem comes with a solution but one needs to work towards implementing it. Coping with job related stress is the responsibility of both employer as well as employee. These tips will help you cope with job related stress:

o Do Not Pressure Yourself: It is important to keep your cool whenever you face pressure on the work front. As an employee, you need to remember that you can work better with a cool head. There may be intense pressure from your employer but you need not let it hamper your mental peace so that your efficiency is not damaged.

o Talk To HR: Many organizations hire Human Resources or HR executives who works as a link between the employer and employee. You can approach them and speak to them about the pressure and stress you are feeling. It enables you to get the stress out in the right place and that eventually helps you to work in a better way.

It is essential to deal with job stress so that it does not take a physical or emotional toll on you. You should try to relax during your breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body to help you work better.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions – Six Sigma Online ( ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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