As you’d probably suspect, so called "Love handles" are a problem that goes far beyond the esthetics of being thin. A number of reports appear to suggest that having a "spare tire" or significant love handles can increase your chance of early death by two, sometimes as a result of coronary heart disorders or problems from obesity related illnesses like type two diabetes.

People older than forty ought to seek advice from their doctor to work out a suitable eating and working out program so that they can decrease belly fat as well as increase their odds of preventing long-term health-related issues brought on through unwanted bodyweight.

First of all, doing away with love handles is equally about exercise and dieting. They certainly don’t exclude one another. Even when you eat really healthy food but don’t follow a regular exercise routine, you’re not going to be freed from your love handles. On the other hand, for those who exercise on a regular basis but eat rubbish, you will also not achieve the results you want. In fact, that’s a whole lot worse compared to having a good diet and never working out, because it is believed that something like eighty percent of effort in losing your love handles relates to your food intake. In this article however, we’re going to focus on the other twenty percent, the dreaded exercise!

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Ok, so how do we get into shape? Well it isn’t by reading or talking. It is by doing:

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Cardio workout melts away a lot more body fat cells than lifting weights, consequently including a bit of cardiovascular exercise in your routine will let you decrease the total % of excess body fat. The cardio exercise must contain a number of high energy routines — like fast walking, running, going swimming or even riding a bike — that will get your heart working faster. Make an effort to include a half hour cardiovascular routine 4-6 times weekly, to get an overall of a minimum of two hours of cardio exercise each week.

Abdominal Twists

  • This tummy workout is very effective at eliminating love handles. With your feet about half a meter apart, gradually twist your body in one direction, and then the opposite. The important thing to watch is to twist through your upper body and not from your hips. The bulk of this twisting action needs to be performed by your oblique muscles group, rather than your hip flexors. Ensure that your upper body remains straight without any twisting.

Advanced Crunches

  • Advanced crunches are likewise referred to as "legs up". Lay with your back flat against the ground using a yoga exercise mat and raise the legs upright. Maintain your legs at a 90deg to your torso. Next cross your arms in front of your chest then shift your elbows in the direction of the knees by bending at your hips. Keep working on those movements and do roughly 15 reps. Be aware though, this particular routine is not recommended for those who have previously injured their back.

Sledgehammer Swinging

  • What, you don’t own a sledgehammer?! Sorry, no excuses, you’ll be able to use alternative items like a softball bat and even an old broomstick handle. Working an axe to chop a tree will pretty much work in much the same way. Start with the use of an item of 4 to 5 kg and progressively add to the weight of the item that you have chosen for your exercise. During this type of exercise routine, remember that it’s best to pay attention to your midsection, rather than putting emphasis on your arms to be able to successfully complete the workout. The reason being that through exercising the oblique muscles exclusively you will be targeting the midriff area of your body very directly and significantly improving your waistline over time.

Leg Resistance Raises (with a friend)

  • Lay on the floor and place your head in between your friend’s legs. Get hold of the partner’s legs to secure your position. With your abdominal muscles, move your legs upright forming a right angle to your upper body. Your companion presses your feet again to the floor as you squeeze your ab muscles to follow through the motion. The more your partner is pressing, the greater difficulty of the workout.

Make eating well and exercising an integral part of your everyday life and your love handles are sure to vanish making your waistline an object of envy before you know it.

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