Finding an affordable alternative to expensive cosmetic surgery is a popular pursuit these days. But it’s hard to tell the quacks from the legitimate methods out there. One popular form of facelift alternative is massage. While a simple massage taking the place of an expensive facelift sounds too good to be true, the legions of satisfied customers that swear by its effectiveness say otherwise.

One of the most popular methods of rejuvenation massage is known as the Indian face massage. Those that offer this service claim that the massage removes constrictions in the muscles in the face and in the tissue around the face and by freeing these muscles up, the bodies natural energy can flow freely though and help make us look younger.

The idea is that since we are all use to making the same essential facial expressions every day, some muscles are hardly ever used, or not used at all. It’s these “dead” muscles in the face that cause problems like crow’s feet, wrinkles and saggy cheeks. By incorporating massage that targets these areas, the entire face is alive and full of life, banishing wrinkles and signs of age.

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Practitioners believe that by using properly targeted facial massage, you can expect a more toned, smooth face, as well as a serious reduction in wrinkles and face lines. It is also believed that proper facial massage can cause a reduction in pimples and blackheads by improving your complexion, as well as reducing tension. Fans of the procedure report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and also report a boost in energy, but that could simply be from increased self-esteem that comes with the feeling of looking younger.

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Stress and worry cause most of the lines and stress in the face. If you can find a way to immerse yourself in an environment that is stress-free (easier said than done, of course) for a period of time every week, you can expect to see fewer signs of age on your face. A simple facial massage with lotion that has aloe and lanolin can do wonders in conjunction with the Indian face massage.

A good technique to start is by first dipping the pads of your two index fingers in lotion, then start in the middle of your cheeks and make tiny, circular motions, going outward. As you firmly massage the facial muscles, make the small circles bigger and bigger until you’ve reached the hairline. Repeat this same technique on the chin, forehead and mouth. Start with tiny circles and work your way out. You can actually do this yourself, but it can be more effective with someone else doing it, not to mention it will feel better, too.

While there is no scientific proof that this alternative to a facelift works, it could simply be a case of the power of the mind. If people feel that they look younger and they get the boost in self-esteem, than it is probably worth the money, after all you get a lovely relaxing facial massage to relax your muscles and ease your cares away.

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