Goal Setting

It is human nature to want to become better and reach higher at all times. Sometimes we get sidetracked and drift for a while, but improvement is a feeling that everyone desires. As you already know, a great way to feel improvement is by setting and reaching goals.

The first part is the one that we can all do. It is easy to set a goal. The second part is where most people get caught up. Reaching your goals can sometimes be very, very hard because it is something that you have never done before. You are about to learn how to master the art of goal setting and reach every goal that you set.


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Things to do….

1. Get Hardcore Specific

Getting specific in your goal setting is vital to reaching your goals. Saying "I want to make some real money soon" is not as powerful as saying "I will be earning $10,000 a month by June 15th, 2012." If you are starting a business, set incremental goals so that you can get it up and running smoothly and efficiently. If you are loosing weight, say the amount that you would like to weigh, the date that you will weigh it, and how you will feel when you reach it.

Getting specific does a lot to the process, but the number one reason to get specific is it will help you gain clarity. Clarity will make it easier to take the necessary steps to achieving your goals. How many times do we set goals but do not map out how to reach them? This will be your map.

2. Time to Achieve

Set SPECIFIC times that you are going to work on your goals. Do not let yourself "get around to it" because you never will. By setting a time to work on your goals, you are telling yourself and your subconscious mind that you are serious about the attainment of your dream. Apart from that, it actually gives you the time to do it. 

If you are setting a weight loss goal, how many hours are you willing to work out and what times will you do it?

If you are setting a goal to increase your income by 30% what days and times will you work on it? 

3. Get Some Help

No matter what it is, it is hard to reach goals by yourself. You will go a lot further in a shorter amount of time by getting others to help you on your way. Some of us have a tough time asking for help but it is vital if you are wanting to achieve anything. 

How many millionaires have done it completely on their own? None have! Where does their money come from? Others. Where does the work come from? Others.

Find people that are good at your weaknesses. There are inventors who hire businessmen to run their companies because management and finances are not their strength. Some hire success coaches to help them achieve their goals because achievement is their life!

There is nothing wrong with getting help to achieve your goals. In fact, it just may be the exact thing that you need to push you to success.

Goals and mentality…. 

4. Affirmations

We all need a good pep talk from time to time. It feels good and helps up stay positive. Affirm your goals to yourself, out loud, every day. This, at first, may feel a little bit weird but it will bring incredible results into your life. All you have to do is shout your goals out enthusiastically while stating how you would feel as if you have already achieved it. For example, if you want to lose ten pounds and loosing that ten pounds will put you down to 160 then state your affirmation: "I am feeling amazing now that I weigh 160!"

Although you may see little benefit from it at first, you will start to believe yourself and the result will show. Affirming your success makes it fun and keeps you motivated to keep going. Give yourself a mini pep talk every day.

5. Believe!

Believe in yourself! This is a self esteem issue. Many times our past conditioning makes us feel that we cannot do something. Have you ever been around a person that is constantly saying, "I can’t" or "I don’t know how"? This is just an excuse to not try. Maybe they have been "burned" in the past and don’t want to be humiliated or embarrassed. Maybe they don’t want to put the work in because of the fear of no reward. Whatever it is, we have to believe that it is possible.

No matter what has happened in the past, you can achieve your new goals. This may mean that you have to learn new things and make some sacrifices but that is okay. By believing you can, you will set in motion the learning experiences necessary to succeed.

And by the way, if hardships come up, this means that you are on the right path. People who are drifting along with no goals or purpose in life usually have very few hardships. Those with hardships are those who are going somewhere.

6. No Giving Up

If your goal is truly important to you, never give up. This world is filled with people who have settled for the life that they live. At one point they had a dream, vision, goal and aspiration but as soon as a roadblock appeared they gave up. You are capable of learning from hard times and making life better.

If you want to grow a million dollar a year company, you can; but it will take time, hard work and some difficulties to overcome. The key is that you set incremental goals and never, ever give up.


Goal setting is a process, it is also an art. The more you practice the better you will get at setting clear, reachable goals that push you to become better than you ever thought possible.

You can do it! It is your time!

If you feel that you could use some help setting, reaching and mastering goals contact us for a free 30 minute coaching session. No obligation, our goal is that you achieve your dreams.



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