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Whether you spend your time in bed enjoying blissful slumber or struggling to find a comfortable sleeping positing throughout the night will depend on various factors such as the type of mattress you have. A mattress can affect how a person sleeps and should ideally reduce the body’s pressure points to ensure better sleep. The choice regarding suitable mattresses varies with different people.

Beyond Price and Brand

Identifying the right mattress goes beyond costs and brands. High price tags do not automatically mean that the mattress will be better for you. Rather than focusing on brand names and prices, you need to consider the key features that you want in your mattress.

Personal Choice

The process of choosing a mattress is personal because it will ultimately depend on what you prefer. Options include firm and soft styles as well as certain mattress styles that work well for people who have particular medical conditions.

A mattress that is too soft will cause you to start sinking down while an excessively hard mattress will place a lot of pressure on different parts of the body. Comfort and sleep quality are based on people’s needs and when you want to buy a mattress, your personal comfort is a priority.

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Mattress Buying Tips and Guidelines

There are a number of guidelines that people can keep in mind when looking for new mattresses.

  • Maximize on the prospect of a good night’s sleep by trying out mattresses before you buy them. Test the best mattresses 2017 for a few minutes in your usual sleep position before you make a choice.
  • Look for mattresses that are suitable for your body type. The right mattress will conform to the natural curve of your spine with even distribution of pressure across your body.    
  • People have different pressure points and an effective way to determine whether a mattress will give you proper support is by making comparisons. Your spine should not curve in an exaggerated manner or appear to sag when you lie on a mattress. Search for mattresses that will help you maintain the neutral alignment of your spine.
  • Firm mattresses are often recommended for people who have back problems or pain. Avoid saggy mattresses that compromise your posture and spine alignment.
  • Make sure that any mattress you buy meets the stipulated safety regulations and has proper structure.
  • While thickness is usually equated to comfort, you still need to make sure that a bigger or thicker mattress actually feels comfortable.


It is important to note that it may take some time for you to adjust to your new mattress even if it felt amazing when you bought it. If your sleep quality is not drastically transformed the first time you use the mattress, consider trying it out for a few nights before seeking an alternative.

Mattresses have a significant impact on both quantity and quality of sleep as well as your functionality everyday. Sleeping on an uncomfortable or low-quality mattress can cause lack of sleep and back pain. Good quality mattresses are designed to be firm and comfortable while supporting our body as you sleep. 

Author Bio: Clara James is a freelance writer who covers different topics and contributes regularly to sites. She has several years of research and writing experience with numerous articles that have been featured on various sites. Find out more about best mattresses 2017here. 

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