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The novel coronavirus outbreak greatly impacted people’s daily lives, and it took a heavy toll on the mental health of many individuals. There have been many studies that prove this to be true. Below are some of the statistics and findings that show how the pandemic is causing people to feel mentally drained and weak.

  • A study shows that roughly 41% of American adults “reported an adverse mental or behavioral health condition” ever since the pandemic.
  • In Britain, one in five people showed depressive symptoms compared to one in ten before the pandemic.
  • Roughly seven in ten employees said the pandemic is the most stressful period of their whole professional career.

Since the pandemic has forced people to stay at home, many working individuals have shifted to remote work. Unlike before, when you can relax and unwind through recreational activities or outdoor experiences, self-care during work from home is a little complicated. But it’s not impossible.

If changes in your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors keep persisting and are starting to affect your day-to-day routine, it helps to talk to someone you trust about it. On the other hand, you can practice activities that can reorient your mindset and boost your mental health. To help you cope up during these tough times, take a look at a self-care checklist for your mental health from

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