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inspirational life quotes for depression

Top Motivational Quotes When Depressed

Though there is no magic pill to cure depression, there are ways to cope when you feel hopeless. Check out these motivational quotes when depressed.
meditation for stress

7 Ways to Fight Stress In Your Daily Life

Stress is a killer. It leads to a whole host of health issues including heart disease, anxiety, depression, and a weakened immune system if you ignore it.
benefits of meditation

5 Reasons Why Meditation Belongs in Your Self-Care Toolkit

With so many problems we face today, it's never been more important to give meditation a place in our self-care toolkits.
covid 19 mental health tips

A Self-Care Checklist For Your Mental Health During COVID-19 (Infographic)

To help you cope up during these tough times, take a look at the at this self-care checklist for your mental health.
affirmations about confidence

20 Morning Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

Affirmations are a powerful tool which can inspire you to achieve your goals and dreams. Learn how to write and use affirmations to build confidence.
how to improve your meditation

How To Use Sound and Light To Improve Meditation

Meditation has many amazing benefits. And now you can use light and sound technology to enhance your practice to get even more out of your regular practice.
essential oils to treat stress

How To Use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy For Stress Relief

Aromatherapy is one of the tools you can use if you want to lower the stress and anxiety in your life.
meditation tips beginners

Learn to Meditate – Easy Tips to Get You Started

One of the best things you can do to maintain your sanity during these stressful times is to learn how to meditate.
how change habits

How to Change Your Habits (Infographic)

Find out how to use the power of habits to improve and maintain your health and positivity. Learn how to break the habit loop for good.

How Memory is Stored Inside Our Brains and How to Improve It

Why do we easily remember some facts but not another? Why do we remember more what we did on last New Years Eve than...