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How Memory is Stored Inside Our Brains and How to Improve It

Why do we easily remember some facts but not another? Why do we remember more what we did on last New Years Eve than...
impact of kindness on mental health

How Random Acts of Kindness Impact Your Mental Health


The research has shown that kindness has a quantifiable impact on the world around us. Even small, random acts of kindness improve individuals and groups in demonstrable ways. We should absorb the following evidence of the impacts of kindness and act with more compassion every day.

First Impressions

How To Create A Powerful First Impression

You've heard it a hundred (if not a thousand) times: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It turns out, psychologically,...
change habits productivity

How to Change Your Habits To Increase Productivity (Infographic)

Learn how to get rid of the bad habits. This infographic will show you how to reframe your bad habits to increase productivity.
exercise your brain

How To Improve Your Memory With Memory Exercises

By exercising your brain and performing daily memory exercises, you will be on your way to a life of not having to worry about what you can and cannot remember.
podcasts for personal development

Top Personal Development Podcasts In 2019

By listening to self-improvement & personal development podcasts and following their advice, you can grow and better yourself. Check out the top 2019 podcasts.
confidence tips

Seven Powerful Steps to Increase Self-Confidence

We all need to work on our confidence. Without confidence it's unlikely we can accomplish our goals. Follow these tips to build your confidence

How to Build Your Emotional Strength

It is possible to build your emotional strength and live an engaging and meaningful life. Look for ways to start your day well, and choose to be optimistic about its outcome.
positive thinking for business success

The Benefits of Positive Thinking To Change Your Life

Positive thinking is not just a way to make you feel better during hard times. It's something you can do to turn your life around, no matter how crazy or out of control things get.
self discovery guide

Guidance to Self Discovery. Where Hope and Healing Meet.

Self-discovery is a deeply personal journey, and it’s one we all undertake as we journey through life. Here are some of the personal steps you can take to help point yourself down the road to self discovery.