The advancements of modern medicine can only be described as astounding, and new developments are still being made on a daily basis. From new discoveries to adapted science in various industries like medicine and health, technology and science is always advancing. To name some of the most important discoveries in recent history, this list will name the biggest medical advancements of the 21st century.

The Human Genome

In 2000, scientists released the human genome to the public. The human genome is the complete, 23,000-part list of all of the genes that make up a human. This is not only mind boggling, but has had real impacts in the medical field. This has allowed healthcare professionals to better understand genes, and how they relate to health, and develop programs that can detect otherwise hard-to-find issues and possibly even prevent them.

An example of this would be the development of medication to help prevent prostate cancer, which would have been impossible without knowing the full human genome.

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X-Rays and MRIs


It is often overlooked, but the idea of an X-ray or MRI machine is actually scientifically amazing. There are actual machines that let a doctor see inside of your body. And they can see things not just like broken bones, but brain activity. People often take it for granted, but this is an absolute modern marvel. Getting an education in radiation sciencegoes over how this advancement was developed and how the science is still changing.

Robotic Surgeons

If there was ever any doubt that modern medicine has come a long way, consider this: there are robots that perform surgeries. They are far more reliable than human surgeons, as they are infinitely less likely to slip or have an accident, and their tiny appendages can get into places that would require much largerincisions for surgeons to access. They are monitored during surgery by trained professionals to be safe, but it is incredible that people are being operated on by machines. It sounds almost like science fiction!

There have been countless medical advancements in this century, and we are only 16 years in! Scientists have discovered many different ways to perform feats that fifty years ago, would have been miraculous or even impossible. The technological rate of growth has been incredible and shows no signs of slowing. Modern medicine is operating at never-before-seen heights, and it is exciting to think that it will only improve from here!

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