Tips for Headaches Relief

Headaches that occur several times a month are considered to be part of a chronic condition because of the impact that they have on a person’s life, especially if they are migraines. They cause pain behind the eyes, nausea, and sensitivity to light, which makes doing just about anything very difficult. Here are three strategies for relief from the pain of persistent headaches.


If a person’s chronic headaches are being exacerbated by stress, then biofeedback can be used to minimize the stress response. This therapy works by connecting a person to a computer monitor which displays their current vital signs. They watch on the screen as they have a physiological response to a stressor, and then, they learn to change their body’s reaction to it. So over time, they can lower their heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension just by thinking about it.

Chiropractic Treatments

Many headaches are caused by damage to the spine, muscles, or neck, so by a chiropractor treating the injury through an adjustment, the headaches will often be alleviated. Injuries to these areas can trigger migraines if they either restrict blood flow or press on delicate nerves. Spinal manipulation, massage, or electrical stimulation to the muscles are all used together to help heal the injury. Sometimes, chiropractors also recommend supplements that can reduce inflammation that often causes headaches too. If you suffer from headaches, consider visiting a chiropractor and see if getting an adjustment helps.


In ancient Chinese medicine, this therapy is said to affect a person’s life force. If energy in an area of the body becomes stagnant, then that is the location that illness or pain will begin to display. So by stimulating the energy of that particular region, the symptoms will be alleviated. This is done by using long, thin needles pressed firmly into the skin. Sometimes, many needles have to be put all over the body for the therapy to be the most effective, but most people say that they actually feel very little pain from them.

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If you suffer from painful headaches, there are many options that can help you alleviate the pain. Above we’ve discussed three various ways that could help you alleviate pain and get on with your daily life. These aren’t the only options you should consider, and it might be a good idea to visit a doctor.

Emma is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. For chiropractic needs, Emma recommends Fulk Chiropractic. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2

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