In the last few decades Yoga has become increasingly popular form of exercise throughout the world especially in the US. This ancient Indian practice has many benefits as well as many styles to accommodate users of different goals and levels. One such style is "Power Yoga".

Ever since Yoga had been brought from the East its popularity and influence has growing exponentially, furthermore many forms and schools have evolved to accommodate growing number of people interested in learning this ancient practice. One such style of Yoga that has become very popular in the West in the recent years, is strenuous style of yoga called ‘Power Yoga’. The word ‘Power’ refers to the intensity exercises performed during various asana sequences. The name for this form of yoga, unlike other types, was coined in the west. This school of yoga has a vigorous, fitness-based approach that consist  of parts of ‘Vinyasa Yoga’ and ‘Ashtanga Yoga’. There are many benefits that result from combining these two systems as you will see below.

It grew in popularity in the mid 1990s when the American Yoga teachers were adopting various Yoga practices to fit their needs and at the same time tried to make them more accessible to the western users. This yoga form is similar and at the same time different from the other forms of Yoga. It does not involve a series of predetermined asanas unlike the other popular yoga forms – variety and large number of poses usually done fast and with high intensity is one of the main characteristics that makes this form different from other schools. All the major Yoga forms follow a particular sequence, but Power Yoga style uses free-flowing poses and sequences and aims to increase the stamina, burn fat, as well improve strength and flexibility.

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‘Power Yoga’ uses a mixture of the traditional forms, as well as more modern exercises and postures to create a challenging workout that will put your physical and mental skills to the test as well as help you achieve inner peace that will result from prolong focus and concentration uses have to maintain during the practice. One of the main goals of the exercises is to test users’ physical endurance and mental ability since ability to focus and sustain concentration during the exercises will ultimately result in overall healthier mind and body.

Benefits of Power Yoga Poses include:

– Overall strengthening and conditioning of the body.
– Increased strength, flexibility and stamina.
– Improvement of focus and concentration.
– Lower levels of the stress, anxiety and tension.
– Improved balance & posture.
– Helps in removing toxins from your body by stimulating internal organs.
– Speeds up the metabolism and fastens the rate of fat burning.
– Increased blood flow and circulation in the body.

If you like to try Power Yoga Today, you can inquire if this style if offered at your local gym or local yoga studio. Many beginners might want to try more gentle style at first and not jump into using Power Yoga right away considering this practice is usually more demanding and physically challenging and should be used by practitioners who already had experience practicing yoga for some time. However once you ready for a more demanding style of yoga you will find Power Yoga extremely rewarding especially if you’re looking for a great exercise to help you burn fat and at the same time improve your overall mental and spiritual health.

Raphael Wettenstein is a long time researcher and a promoter in the fields of natural health and fitness.


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