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Yoga can be an amazing way to stay fit. Even if you only practice for 5 minutes a day standing beside your desk you will be able to see the results. The key is to practice regularly.

Below are few exercises you can do in your office without getting weird looks from your co-workers.

Chest Expansion

First is a chest expansion exercise. Duration: two minutes.
Stand straight with your heels placed together. Slowly bring both arms up and straight ahead of you with the palms turned outward. Stretch your arms so you can feel the motion. Now bring your arms straight back and upward as high as you can. Slowly bend backward at the waist, keeping the position with your knees unbent and your head back. Hold this pose for five slow seconds. Now bend as far forward as you can while still holding your arms high. Keep your head down with your neck relaxed. Stay in this position for ten slow seconds. Then straighten up. This routine helps the spine, shoulders, and elbows.

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Video: 5-Minute Break – Office Yoga

Head Twist

Duration: 2 minutes. Simply sit at your desk, place your elbows close together, put your head between your hands while covering your ears and close your eyes. Clasp your hands at the back of your head and slowly push your head forward until the chin touches your chest. Then, keeping your arms still, turn your head to your left and rest your chin in the left hand and grip the back of your head with the right hand. Turn your head slowly as far to the left as you can. Hold the position for several seconds and don’t move your arms. Then repeat the exercise by turning to the right. If you try all of these wonderful yoga exercises just a couple of times a week, or better yet once a day, you’ll notice your health and well-being will improve.

Back Stretch

Duration: 1 minute. The backstretch should only take you one minute. Sit on your desk chair’s edge and extend your legs outwards. Next bend forward and hold the upper calves firmly. Then bend your elbows outward. Pull your trunk down and relax all of the muscles, including your neck and let your head hang down. Hold this position for at least 20 seconds. Then straighten up slowly, rest for a minute and repeat once more.

If you perform this set of office yoga exercises you should start to feel a heightened physical and mental energy shortly after the end of your exercise routine.

Office Meditation

You can enhance your yoga program with meditation also. There are several types of easy meditation for the beginner that can be done in the office. It can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any extra equipment. You simply have to find quiet space and time where no one will bother you. This meditation requires you to count your breath. By fixing your attention on your breathing you can begin to relax, stay mindful and let the stress melt away. This calming breathing technique, practiced for even 5 minutes a day, can help you reduce the amount of stress and help you stay focused on the tasks ahead.

If you practice any of these office yoga exercises and meditation regularly, you should see great improvements in your overall physical health and well-being in no time.

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