Time is a very important resource in your hands. The way you use it determines whether you will achieve your goals or not. In spite of our daily routines, we all have the same time in our hands. If you want to succeed in your academic life, career, and social life then you should muster effective personal time management. And, if you have had problems managing your personal time, we suggest that try some of the following practical tips.

Tip #1 -Set Personal Goals

Next, it is important for you to set goals and objectives to help you manage your time properly. The good thing about setting personal goals is that it motivates you to remain focused on your tasks. You can set goals for your personal life, academic life, social life, and career life. Ideally, goals should be tangible. And when you are focused, you can measure the outcome or result of your activities against your personal goals.

Tip #2- Be Organized

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You may have heard this a million times, but the fact remains that the key to effective personal time management is organizing yourself. Organization allows you to work effectively and handle all tasks and matters at the right time. This means that you have to plan your day and know how to execute your duties. You also have to learn how to break down tasks or activities, co-ordinate multiples activities, and switch from one activity to another. Doing this will help you manage your time and make you feel more relaxed as you handle your duties or activities.

Tip #3- Know Your Priorities

Effective personal time management also calls for prioritization of tasks or activities in a day, week, and even in a month. Having priorities allows you to allocate time to the most important activities. In addition, it also allows you to expend your efforts on activities that really matter to you. You should not waste time on activities that do not add value to your personal life, social life, or career life. Instead, focus on all the key activities that add value to your life.

Tip #4- Schedule Your Activities

You should learn to schedule your activities if you want to remain highly efficient in personal time management. Don’t overlook the need for a timetable or a personal schedule. A timetable will help you transition between task and minimize distractions. You can easily get distracted or disoriented when you don’t know what activities will come up in your day. However, you will find it easier to manage your activities when you know what should be done at certain times.

Tip #5- Take Control of your Life

Finally, you have to learn how to be disciplined if you want to succeed in personal time management. In other words, you take charge of your life. Don’t wait for someone to prompt you to act or don’t respond to situations when they arise. You drive the wheel of destiny wherever you want it to go. So, the results that you get are a good reflection of your commitments, input, and decisions.


The bottom line is that proper personal time management calls for effective use of time. The way in which you manage your time determines whether or not you will achieve your goals in life. So, if you want to make good use of time then you must have a sense of purpose and urgency.

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