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Cycling is a wonderful activity to engage in, especially when you think about the health and economic benefits you enjoy when you ride regularly. You may even be tempted to ditch your car and start riding on a more permanent basis.

Below are great reasons why you should start cycling:


This is probably already obvious, but cycling is one of the best ways to get fit. It promotes cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening.

Eat Whatever You Want After

You may wonder if you should stick to those dietary regimens after cycling, but the answer is – not necessarily. If you ride regularly, then you can enjoy that cake or muffin after. You’re covered.

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Arrive to Work Happier and Fitter

Should you choose to ride your bike to work, rather than walk or drive, then be prepared to arrive happier, fitter, and way more productive. Research has shown that people who cycle to work arrive on time, stay productive, and are less absent.

Save your Cash

The more you cycle, the more money you’ll have, because you’ll be saving significant amounts of cash as cycling doesn’t require for you to spend any money on gas. Not only that, but the bikes themselves are also much cheaper than a car.

Health Benefits of Cycling

Spend Time with Yourself

Cycling offers you a great opportunity to spend time with yourself. Is someone getting on your nerves? Ride off.

Way to Reenergize

Cycling is one effective way to refresh your body system any time of the day. In the morning, it’s a great way to wake up your slumbering body. In the afternoon, it can give you a boost of energy, and it can also be a great way to relax in the evening with a leisurely bike ride.

Be a Superhero

Deciding to ride rather than drive makes you a superhero saving the planet. Be it to school, work, church, clubhouse, riding reduces your carbon footprint helping you create a safe and more habitable environment to live in.

Learn New Skills

Cycling is an activity that requires skills. You learn how to change gears, brake effectively, use corners well, ride and work with a group, fix a punctured tire etc. See your skill sets improve drastically as a consequence of your cycling.

Push Yourself

Cycling offers you a great opportunity to push yourself and increase tenacity. Everything just follows an upward spiral and you’re way past the level you were when you started out riding.

Improved Awareness of the Road

Riding is done on the road and this gives you a crystal clear view of the condition of the road around you. You know the road surfaces better, their current state, and how road users behave. As a result, when you actually do drive, you realize the wealth of information you get to tap from and enjoy.

Look Younger

Research into cycling shows that, on average, people who cycle regularly have the general health of someone ten years younger. You would expect this naturally due to the engaging nature of cycling on the body system. So look and feel younger, start cycling today.

These are just a few of the reasons why cycling is the best activity for you. Start riding and enjoy many benefits.

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