We all have heard about stress; it’s a common lifestyle health problem. Most of us who live in 21st century would have experienced stress before. We also know that there are many ways to deal with stress; from modern to traditional techniques. But there is one technique that is specifically dedicated to stress management. That technique is called Reiki.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique focused especially on promoting relaxation and stress reduction. It’s based on an idea that a living human body has a life-force energy flowing within. This is the energy that keeps us alive; our body will achieve a healthy state if this life energy is strong and flowing smoothly in our body. On the other hand, if the energy is weak; we’re more likely to get sick and feel stress. Reiki is a holistic technique, taking into account the mind, body and spirit.

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Like Yoga, although Reiki is spiritual in nature, but it is not associated with any specific religion. You don’t need to have a certain religious belief to practice it. Reiki upholds peace and harmony; this is its most important principle. The same principle used by all religious beliefs. So please make it clear that there is NO intellectual or spiritual requirement in order for someone to practice Reiki. In fact, anyone can learn to practice this powerful stress reduction technique.

How Do Reiki Treatments Work?

Although some Reiki treatments can be in a seated or standing position, but normally a Reiki patient is laying flat during a treatment session. The practitioner places his or her hands on or near the patient’s body in numerous positions or in specific places related to the patient’s specific problems. The session will usually last for 45 to 90 minutes.

During the session, you will feel very relaxed; you will be able to release tension and any negatice feelings that you might have. When the session is over, you will feel totally at peace and full of positive energy.

What Can Reiki Do for Me?

As mentioned earlier, Reiki is a holistic technique, taking into account the mind, body and spirit. It believes that negative thoughts and feelings are not only collected by our minds but also by various areas in our body. As a result, the flow of our life force energy is restricted and when this happens, we become stressed and can even lead physical illness.

Reiki works by removing negativity from our minds and body; this causes the life force energy to flow smoothly through unhealthy organs and tissues, allowing them to heal and function properly. There has never been any side effect associated with practice of Reiki; so there is no harm in trying it; it can be practiced in conjunction with other traditional methods or alone.

Many who have received Reiki treatments have reported an increase of positive energy and reduction in stress.

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