Back Pain Exercise Guide

If you suffer from back pain, you’re not alone. In fact, lower back pain is the world’s single leading cause of disability worldwide, and is the second mostcommon reason for doctor’s office visits. Nearly 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain right now. If you’re one of them, chances are you’re looking for anything that can help you feel better. Back pain can be a serious inconvenience, even when it’s not a debilitating condition. However, with some simple exercises designed to target the lower back, you can make those muscles stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

Back pain can come from excessive stress to your back caused by intensive labor, but it also can result from sitting still for too long if your back muscles aren’t strong enough to support you for extended periods. Exercising your back might seem like the last thing you want to do if you’re concerned about back pain. However, the truth is that some gentle, low-impact stretching exercises (such as the ones outlined in the guide below), can have a significant effect on the strength of the muscles in your lower back. With these muscles strengthened through exercise, you can resist fatigue and damage to your lower back much more successfully. As a result, you might experience less back and neck pain, no matter what your activity level, and get back to enjoying your life more.

The good news is that many of the best exercises for strengthening your lower back muscles and reducing back pain require minimal effort. For example, hamstring stretches can be very effective in firming lower back muscles. To perform this stretch, simply lie on your back, lift your leg straight in the air, loop a towel over the arch of your raised foot, and gently push against the towel with your foot for about 30 seconds. Repeating this exercise three times for each leg can help strengthen and loosen your back muscles and reduce future instances of back pain. For more exercises that can help moderate your back pain, follow the guide below.

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