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People settle into thinking that jogging is a useful thing for health but it is important to know how to do it right because jogging may do you harm if done in a wrong way. Therefore, be careful and read a few tips on how to do jogging right so there was no harm but beneficial results only especially if you are new at this.

To start with, what you need to get is a pair of good comfortable running shoes. Yes, there is a special footwear for running.It is madeso the risk to get an injury by doing jogging was minimum. It is better to buy it from specialized sport stores where you can find a wide range of models and will definitely find a pair just for you. Keep them in a good shape because jogging in a worn out pair is no good both for your feet and for effective running.

It is wrong to do jogging first thing. You need to warm up your muscles before start running. Your muscles need to wake up if you do the jogging in the morningand even if that is in the evening you run, stretching and some warming up is necessary to prepare your muscles to muscle loading you are about to give to your muscles.

Few more words about running in the morning and in the evening. It is commonly believed, that it is good for losing weight to do the morning jogging and the evening jogging is for those ones who need to relax after long day at work, to remove the stress. Of course, some do the jogging at daytime. It happens to observe such people on the street. Well, if you are homeworking person, on vacation, retired or temporarily unemployed – feel free to do that. Just whenever you have time.

Do not start jogging fast. Begin slowly, with a low amplitude and the same low amplitude should be in the end of the jogging session too.Just walk at first breathing deeply, inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Keep breathing this way all the way through while jogging otherwise you will start feeling breathing difficulties soon enough. Keep in mind that this is not a marathon (unless it is not a marathon really) you are running so there is no need to be in a hurry to reach the line first.

Along with specialized footwear, you need to get specialized clothes so your body could “breathe” in it. Synthetic fabric will not work. Make sure your hands are on the same level with your waist while you do the jogging. Keep your back straight and your head up so you breathed easily. Choosing the area for running, pay attention to places like parks, forests with earthly paths instead of asphalt as long as it is harmful for the knees.

It is needless to say, that your running training should be regular. You might run a huge distance today and skip the session next day because you think you were well done todaybut it is wrong to believe so. Let it be small those distances you overcome day by day but at least you do it on a regular basis which is more important than thousands of miles per one day a month.Thus, hold your enthusiasm under control.

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