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With the holidays in the past, the new year is the perfect time for making health and fitness goals, which, according to research, nearly half of all resolutions include some form of health-related goals. The new year is a fresh beginning and the perfect time to reset and make healthy living a habit.

However, while health and fitness resolutions are noble goals, it is not easy to stick with them, as life can get in the way of healthy choices. While it can be challenging to stick with your goals, there are a few changes you can make that can help you stay strong and meet your goals.

Prep for the Week Ahead

By preparing meals, snacks, and drinks ahead of time, you can help keep yourself on track throughout the week. After a grueling work day, it can much easier to grab take-out than to cook a healthy meal at home, thus having your meals prepped for the week ahead can keep you from making an unhealthy choice. Similarly, pack snacks ahead of time so that you are not tempted to stop by the vending machine at the office or grab an unhealthy packaged food.

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To help keep your body on track, make sure to consume plenty of water and healthy drink solutions, including Kombucha Tea. Consuming the right liquids can help flush toxins out of your body, keep you hydrated, and help your metabolism.

Visualize the Result

Imagining the end result can help you stay focused on meeting your goals. Because big lifestyle changes can feel daunting, especially if they involve losing weight, visualizing them can keep you from falling back into your old habits. Imagine how you will feel when you meet your goal—how accomplished and satisfying it will feel. In the moments when your strength is waning, this strategy can remind you why you began this journey in the first place.

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Long-Term Happiness

There will be moments when you will have to make choices. For instance, if you have planned to work out before heading into the office, when the alarm rings the next morning, you have a choice: Get up and workout as planned, or hit the snooze button and sleep in an extra hour. While in the moment sleeping in can feel like the better decision, in the long-term, will you be happy with that decision? Chances are, you might regret sleeping in; however, if you worked out, chances are, you would not regret that decision. When it comes to these choices, think about your long-term happiness and base your decision on that choice.

Accountability Partners

Staying true to your goals can be much easier if you have an accountability partner. Consider teaming up with a friend, health and fitness group, or health appto help you stick to your goals. Having someone to report back to makes it easier to stay strong, as you have someone who is holding you accountable for your actions.

Make it a Competition

If you are a competitive person, turning your health and fitness goals into a competition can change the way you see your goals. A competition can give you an incentive to make the right choices. For instance, if you and a friend have made a fitness pact, consider challenging each other to a fitness contest. Keep it fun and relaxed, such as the loser treats the other to dinner. The relaxed nature can keep your goals fun while the competition aspect can keep you motivated.

Day Off

When it comes to health and fitness, many are adamant that they do not want a day off. However, taking a break one day of the week can actually help you meet your goals. While your day off should not be filled with poor choices, it can be more relaxed, such as allowing yourself to indulge that day with a take out meal or something similar.

Keep a Record

Not only can keeping a record keep you accountable, it can also help you see how far you have come on your journey. When feeling discouraged or tempted by the wrong choices, reading your journal can remind you why you started this journey and why you should continue.

These simple strategies can help you stay true to your healthy living resolution.

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