Pound for pound seeds that have recently sprouted have more nutritional value then the adult plant. So why are we not choosing to eat them more regularly? What you may not realize is that as the plants sprout the goodness contained within the seeds is available to use in a form that is more digestible.

During germination the amount of vitamin contained within them increases and proteins come readily available as amino acids which our bodies can absorb more easily. These sprouts are also a good source of enzymes which help the metabolic processes in our body and also make available to us minerals and other micro nutrients in a natural bio state. Plus they are rich in anti oxidants and phyto chemicals that help to boost our immune system.

If you are growing sprouts at home in a sprouter then allowing them some sunlight before harvesting will increase their chlorophyll content. It is this particular compound that gives plants their rich green colour and which are known to help build up blood in the body as well as cleanse it. There are some people who will sprout and grow wheatgrass shoots which contain high levels of chlorophyll and then to extract the protein rich juice from the young plantlets use a wheatgrass juicer.

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Many health and juicing enthusiasts will also extract juice from other kinds of sprouts. If you want to gain the most nutritional value from fresh raw organic fruit and vegetables you should use a masticating juicer. The masticating juicer is now becoming more common in people’s kitchen who wish to lead healthier lives. This type of juicer has the ability to extract juice from a great array of fruits and vegetables compared to the normal centrifugal juicers you see available on the high street. Also it is important to note that a masticating juicer can produce a far more nutritious juice.

The young sprouts that come from seeds and pulses recently germinated offer you an amazing source of high quality nutrition. It is fun and easy to grow your own bean or seed sprouts at home and is the most economical way of providing your body with vital components that it needs all year round.

To do this you need some kind of kitchen sprouter. As you will find sprouters come in different forms from the very simplistic hemp or jute "dip and drain" sprouting bag through to more elaborate self watering systems that need to be connected to a mains electricity supply. Although you can use sprouting jars most people tend to use the stacking tray kitchen sprouters that when full of fresh young salad sprouts look lovely on a window ledge. Also if you want to grow more than one type of fresh sprouts such as rocket, chive, garlic, basil and fenugreek together then using an Artisan terracotta bean sprouter is a great option. From every level of the pot will appear sprouts that can add more intense flavour to your favourite dishes when cooking.

Added to salads or stir frys fresh young sprouts make a wonderful tasting supplement to your diet, plus they are a great source of nourishment. It is easy to see why so many people recommend sprouting as part of healthy lifestyles and the added advantage of harvesting young whole plants yourself is they are a living food. However, these mini plantlets if sealed in a good bag or container and placed in a fridge can remain alive and vital for around a week. To refresh them before using add some water and leave on a window ledge for a short time so that they get all their vitality back.

Often nutritional therapists will recommend to their clients that they eat raw and living foods like bean sprouts due to their high nutritional value. But eating bean and seed sprouts grown in a home sprouter does not always seem the most obvious choice to some people, nor is drinking freshly prepared fruit or vegetable juices as well. But certainly these types of healthy lifestyle choices are becoming more and more common these days.

It has never been easier to educate oneself because of the amount of information available online. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using your own bean sprouts then there is one author’s books who you should read. Steve Meyerowitz the "Sproutman" as he is more commonly referred to because of his dedication to everything relating to sprouting.

For many years the Sproutman has been promoting health through eating a nutritional diet to a worldwide audience. His book "Sprouts. The Miracle Food" is one of many that he has written offer great information from sound scientific resources.

You should now see why sprouts should not just make an appearance at Christmas! You can buy a sprouter online at stores such as UK Juicers. These can really help you take that step towards a healthy lifestyle. If you want a bit more flexibility with what you drink, then you can consider choosing from the huge range of quality juicers available to buy online.

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