Stress, and stress relief techniques are now part of modern-day culture and society. Stress is your body’s response, emotionally or physically, to the demands you put on it. Stress is a normal part of life, whether from the environment, our bodies, or our thoughts.

We are all designed to feel and experience stress.

There are two types of stress:

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Good stress, and bad stress. Good stress or positive stress is necessary for life. We need it for our very survival, learning and our creativity. It’s also what catapults us to excel, and reach our true and full potential. Things such as physical exercise, mental challenges and spiritual and emotional fulfillment are activities that put us under some sort of stress and pressure but are all things we ultimately enjoy. Without any of these kind of positive stresses we develop an attitude of complacency, lethargy and boredom.

Now the bad stress is a whole different ball game. It is this kind of stress that makes our lives worse. It’s the stress that comes from conflict, fear, worry and doubt. Constant challenges and difficulties without any rest or relief, causes a condition of distress. If untreated this condition leads to physical symptoms of blood pressure, chest pains, weight gain, problems sleeping and eventual disease etc.

So, constant negative stress can decrease your health and the quality of life. However, living in today modern world, these negative stress factors are unavoidable and it’s just a fact of life. So in order to help you to minimize some of this negative stress, here are three proven stress-relief tips that you can start practicing today.


There is no more obvious way to relieve stress than relaxing the entire body and bringing it into a state of deep calm and tranquility.

If stress is brought on by our debilitating thoughts of worry, doubt and fear, then replacing them with more calming and peaceful thoughts has to be a good idea don’t you think?

The power of meditation is that it helps create positive and peaceful thoughts that will bring us internal peace. The focus of all meditation is deep breathing. Taking full, deep, cleansing breaths is a fantastic relaxation technique, and is incredibly powerful in keeping your stress levels in check


Despite meditation being advocated as probably the #1 technique to reduce stress, I have to say that exercise definitely ranks up there in my list.

Doing any kind of exercise, whether it’s a long run, cardio-gym session, a swim, a weights work-out or a nice brisk walk, it always puts me in a good place.

Exercise is an extremely effective stress reliever and I’ll give you some of the reasons below:

·Decreases Stress Hormones- Stress hormones like ‘cortisol’ can dramatically decrease when exercising, and increase endorphins or our body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals which will naturally lift our mood

· Increased Health and Well-Being- As I’ve already mentioned, stress can lead to illness and disease. But illness and poor health can also cause stress. With exercise promoting much greater health, fitness and well-being, the stress of worrying about staying healthy and well will be greatly reduced.

· It’s A Great Outlet For Frustrations- If you’ve had a frustrating or difficult day then you can release all these unhealthy emotions and pent-up frustrations by doing a good work-out in the gym or martial arts class.

· Distracts Us From Our Problems- Doing exercise is a great way of removing ourselves from any problems we may be facing, and instead you concentrate our mind and efforts on the task or activity in hand

· Social Support and Interaction- In a general context support from friends and family is a great tool for stress relief. Because exercise and physical usually involves the participation of others, you can have fun working with a partner or friend as well as them helping motivate you to do a harder workout.


Laughter is a powerful and effective tool to manage stress. There are several benefits to laughter and having a good old giggle.

Extensive research has shown that laughter can reduce stress hormones such as, cortisol, epinephrine and adrenaline. It also been shown to increase more of the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals such as endorphins and help produce more anti-body producing cells to strengthen the body’s immune system and counteract the negative physical effects brought on by stress.

The good stress are emotions and feelings that we need and should embrace in order to have a less stressful life. However, it’s the bad stuff that we need to be weary of and find some effective ways to deal with it.

If you practice these stress relief techniques mentioned above diligently you will be on your way to overcome and conquer stress and its harming and often crippling effects a lot easier.

Stress is now part of our everyday existence. The stresses and worries we constantly have to face make life more challenging and problematic than ever. Learn some proven stress relief techniques that will help you discover a richer, happier, more fulfilling life.

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