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To make our drinks taste better, a growing number of beverages you buy contain an excessive amount of sugar. Some forms of added caloric sweeteners include corn sweeteners (high-fructose corn syrup or HFCS), lactose, maltose and other types of sugars you probably want to limit as much as possible.

Follow these tips to help you reduce the amount of sugar you get from drinks help you consume fewer calories.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Yes that means replacing your soft drinks and sweetened beverages with simple tap or bottle water. Water is naturally sugar-free and calorie-free and keeps your body hydrated at the same time. Bonus: It doesn’t leave you with cavities like soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages can.

2. Choose fat-free or 1% milk.

Fat free and 1% percent milk have all the protein, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients of whole milk, with fewer calories and less fat.

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3. Switch to whole fruits.

Whole fruit has fewer calories and unlike fruit juice it has fiber. Fiber helps prevent high cholesterol obesity and diabetes. It also helps you feel full. Fruit punch and fruit flavored drinks are just flavored sugar waters.

4. Skip sports drinks and energy drinks.

Most are high in sugar and caffeine and low in nutrients. Water is all you need to stay hydrated so make sure you drink plenty of it especially before during and after your workouts.

5. Watch out for coffee and tea drinks, and shakes.

Check their calories on the menu boards and compare. If you drink coffee or tea, order it plain and lightly flavor it yourself. Plain versions are practically calorie-free.

6. Cut your portion size.

If you do have a sugar-sweetened drink, cut calories and save money by ordering a small instead of a large. Cut portion sizes by using small 6  ounce glasses. Add some water or seltzer to cut calories.

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