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If you want a heart that is healthy and can bear the brunt of your daily life, you need to stay active and perform exercises to improve your overall health.  Perform following five activities to help you keep your heart healthy.

Walking – A Shortcut to Strong Heart:

Walking is a wonderful activity that can help prevent and manage manyconditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  Walking for as little as 20 minutes a day can has been found to trigger an anti-aging process and help repair old DNA. In addition to strengthening the heart, walking has been shown to Strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your balance and coordination.

Running and Aerobics:

High intensity aerobic exercises including running can help cope with a range of cardiovascular risks. Running intervals, whether it is sprints or running hills, will take your cardiovascular fitness to the next level. Initially start with short intervals and slowly increase times to reap the benefits. 

Weight Training:

Weight training more than once a week is a sure way to bid farewell to the heart related diseases. The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice per week.. In addition to free weights, using machines like power towers and treadmills also bring many benefits and help strengthen your heart.

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Most people have misconception that improving heart health requires high power exercises. However, there are many other lower intensity exercises that can help strengthen your heart. Yog is one such activity. It's great for muscle toning and building up strength. Yoga will not only improve your mental state, but also provide cardiovascular benefits by keeping the heart rate elevated at optimal level and thus making your heart stronger.


Vigorous swimming for a prolong time has many benefits, especially for heart health. Swimming uses almost all muscle groups and puts a vigorous demand on heart and lungs. As the result, swimming strengthens your muscles resulting in better posture and flexibility, while also improving the condition of your heart.

Follow these tips and perform these five exercises if you like to improve and strengthen your heart health.

Author Bio: Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts and cardio exercises. She loves spending her vacations with her kids in National Parks filled with nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit. Check out the first-rate power towers for the best workout experience.

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