You’ve probably heard your mother tells you to eat more fiber ever since you were young. They say mothers are always right, and in this case, they really are.

Fiber is very important in our health.  It is best known for its health benefits such as helping with digestion, lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people would choose legumes, whole grains, and leafy vegetables when they would need to get their daily fiber fix.

Aside from these go-to foods, there are other foods that you would be surprised to know that are a good source of fiber. Below are the lists of these foods.

1.       Broccoli

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Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods in the world and carries a lot of health benefits on its belt.  It is a source of important nutrients such as vitamin K, E, C, B1, iron, calcium and most especially fiber. One cup of cooked broccoli has 21% fiber. Recommended cooking method is through quick steaming as it retains most of the vitamins and nutrient content.

2.       Artichokes

While most people would commonly consider artichoke as a vegetable, it is actually the young, unopened flowers of a plant which is related to thistles. They are a good source of insoluble fiber, the type that helps bowel regularity and stimulates digestion. They also contain soluble fiber, the type that helps control blood sugar and promotes healthy cholesterol level. One cup of plain artichoke heart contains 7 grams of fiber.

3.       Lentils

Another super food that is a good source of fiber that we often overlook is lentils. They are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber that provides health benefits such as colon cancer and constipation prevention. A cup of cooked lentils offers more than 15 grams of dietary fiber.

4.       Brussel Sprouts

This vegetable, which has a great resemblance to miniature heads of cabbage, are packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant compounds. In addition, they are also a good source of both two types of dietary fiber. One cup of raw Brussels sprouts contains 3.3 grams of dietary fiber and it only takes about five raw sprouts to fill the cup. 53% of the fiber in Brussels sprouts is the soluble type while the insoluble is 47%.

5.       Avocado

Avocados have an exceptionally high healthy monounsaturated fat content which gives the fruit a mild, nutty flavor and rich, buttery texture. It provides high levels of the important nutrient, plus it is also an excellent source of insoluble fiber. A 3.5 ounce serving of California avocado provides 6.8 grams of fiber while the same serving of Florida avocado contains 5.6 grams of fiber.

6.       Split Peas

If you want to add more fiber into your diet, start adding split peas to your grocery list. They are made from the dried, split and peeled seeds of peas and are a good source of protein, fiber and various minerals and vitamins. They are low in fats so they are ideal if you are watching your weight. One cup of boiled split peas contains 16.3 grams of fiber.

7.       Black Beans

Black beans, a tasty and nutritious legume, are a healthy choice to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. Aside from fiber, it also contains a high amount of antioxidants, fiber, and micronutrients.

Black beans contain both soluble and insoluble fiber and have 15grams of them in one cup. You can make a black bean and sweet potato chili as a perfect cold weather stew after an intensive work out.

8.       Raspberries

While most of us know that raspberries are a good source of vitamin C, they are also a good source of fiber. Though they are the most fragile and expensive type of berries and supply is extremely limited, they are worth the trouble.

One cup of raw raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber. You can make it into a healthy dessert by adding oatmeal, coconut, and vanilla.

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Fiber in Foods

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