Chair Yoga is a contemporary sub-style of Hatha Yoga. With the help of a chair, as the primary prop, a student can practice many Yogic techniques. Standing and balancing asanas are enhanced and aligned with the use of a chair. Sun Salutations and Vinyasa flows can be practiced during a chair Yoga session.

Seated asanas can be practiced by students, who have difficulty getting up and down, to and from, floor level. In some cases, students who are able to go to the floor can use the chair to elevate their legs, while in a supine position. There is no end to the number of possibilities when you consider seated, supine, prone, standing, and table related asanas.

Pranayama techniques are easily integrated into a lesson plan. Depending upon the conditions of students in a class, Yoga teachers may modify or omit dynamic forms of pranayama. Depending upon the objective, some Yogic methods may be excluded. Meditation and relaxation techniques are usually part of the class, due to their therapeutic value.

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Using a chair, during Yoga practice, is an attractive option for many people, due to a variety of health conditions. Students who are recovering from trauma, or a surgical procedure, are able to practice independently, once they have been guided through the basics. The basics usually consist of safety guidelines about what is recommended and what is not.

Chair Yoga can mentally challenge teachers in many ways. Since there are many paths of teaching chair Yoga, a teacher’s creativity is allowed to flourish. Depending on the health condition of a student, there seem to be infinite modifications, which encourages careful and safe steps of innovation on the part of chair Yoga teachers.

That said – taking specialized chair Yoga teacher courses are the best option for the continuing education of certified instructors. There is no shortage of students, when you consider the number of people with ailments, such as: diabetes, neurological disorders, obesity, heart problems, cancer recovery, trauma, post-op rehabilitation, and limitations in mobility.

Some people think that chair Yoga is only for seniors. To be honest, many seniors appreciate Yoga more than younger generations because they feel the results and are in tune with their health. However, there are many segments of the world population that will benefit from regular practice. The future of chair Yoga is filled with innovation, as the therapeutic applications of this practice become more fully realized.

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