Summer is upon us and we all want to get in the best shape. Boosting your cardio activity is great for your mind and body. Effective exercise can increase overall emotional well-being. Improved heart function, lower cholesterol, and a reduced risk of heart disease are a few of the many benefits of cardiovascular exercise.
Here is the list of sports that have the highest cardio impact.

1.  Jumping Rope
Remember playing jump rope when you were young with the kids in your neighborhood? This awesome pastime is great for getting your heart rate up. Not only is jumping rope an excellent cardio activity, it helps you with your coordination and balance.
In addition to being a great cardiovascular booster, you can slim down and tone up the your muscles with this fun activity. So grab a rope, pop outside, and get to jumping; you will be having so much fun, it won’t even feel like exercising.

2.  Swimming
Swimming is definitely a classic summer activity. People of all ages enjoy spending time in the water. Many of us have had sports related injuries over time, so it can be challenging to get the cardio activity we need without flaring up old injuries. Swimming is a great option for those who may need low impact but effective results.
With only feeling a fraction of your bodyweight, swimming offers the ability to help you strengthen your muscles with aerobic exercise while aiding in rehabilitating injuries. If you are in a pool that uses chlorine, be sure to pick up some goggles to reduce eye irritation.
Swimming and summer go hand in hand.

Safety Tips For Summer Sports

3.  Tennis
Another great way to enjoy the sun is to pick up tennis. Playing tennis helps you both mentally and physically. It helps you refine your fine motor control and agility. Known for boosting self-esteem and optimism, playing tennis will make you look and feel great, especially if you win!
If you are competitive, having a great racket can give you the edge you need to beat your opponents. And these days you get your choice of equipment. If you shop for tennis rackets from DIT, for instance, you can choose from a dozen different brands. With great equipment and a positive attitude, you will be ready to take on your opponents.

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4.  Cycling
Cycling is another low skeletal impact option that is a great catalyst for cardio activity. It gives your heart, blood vessels, and lungs a nice workout. It is a wonderful way to lower your risk of multiple health problems, which include stroke, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.
You can enjoy cycling outside in the sun or you can opt to keep cool inside using a stationary cycle. Both methods provide for an intense yet manageable cardio activity for any fitness level. While you’re enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to use a helmet for safety.

5.  Racquetball
While playing racquetball, a player’s heart levels are elevated for a prolonged period of time, which improves the aerobic capacity. Moreover, the constant quick bursts of energy brought on by quick starts and stops increase the anaerobic capacity.
You work nearly every muscle group in the body, particularly the larger muscles of the lower body and the core. Playing racquetball helps strengthen muscles while improving your overall agility. While playing racquetball is great fun, there is potential to catch a ball in the face, so protective eyewear would be quite useful.

During the summer, weather is very agreeable and the perfect setting to improve your cardiovascular health. Jumping rope is a classic activity that helps with coordination and balance. You can get a full workout with minimal impact while swimming. Boost your emotional wellbeing by engaging in a friendly tennis competition. Lower your risk of depression and diabetes by cycling around your neighborhood.

Cardio exercise can help you enjoy summer in a health inspired way. Go ahead and try a few out today; your summer will be that much more awesome.

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