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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We often hear this proverb but never really give ourselves the time to even just step out of the door to go outside and take a stroll. Walking is probably the oldest and simplest form of exercise ever known to man. But do you know that walking has a lot of benefits aside from building your calf muscles?

If you want to save on transportation, walk. It’s as simple as that but if you look at the big picture you won’t just save money if you make walking a habit, you actually minimize your risk for heart disease. This is because walking even just for 15 minutes a day can help you manage stress which we know is what cause most chronic diseases.

Not only can walking a few minutes a day help you reduce the risk for heart diseases, it can also reduce your risk for stroke. A significant decrease in the risk of suffering stroke has been found among people who walk 30 minutes a day. People who habitually walk are more fit physically than those who do not get to walk even for a few minutes every day.

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Walking is also good for the brain. When we exercise, the blood flow to our brain increases, and the result is a sharper memory. In fact, people with memory problems can actually lower their risk of dementia if they exercise regularly. This also includes walking! So why don’t you walk your way to a healthy brain?

Since walking can directly affect your body’s physical health, it can be concluded that when you make walking a daily habit, you will less likely use medication. Do not take a simple routine as taking short walks every morning or afternoon for granted. If you can afford it, make it a habit of walking every day when you go to school or to work.

As mentioned earlier, make walking a habit and you will get rid of the most serious diseases like a chronic heart, stroke and even diabetes. Recent studies have shown that people with diabetes improved in their condition because of regular physical activities such as walking. Truly amazing!

Miriam Gorecki is a regular author on several online blog sites. You can view her recent articles on new born clothes and baby leggings here.

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