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Running gives your body an incredible workout. Not only do you burn 50% more calories than you would if walking, but you also engage 200 muscles every time you take a step. And that is just the start when it comes to your health.

Running improves cardiovascular health, fitness and boosts circulation. Nutrients are spread to the areas of the body where they are most needed, and your lymphatic system is also stimulated. This means that waste is transported more quickly and efficiently out of your system.

The best thing about running is that it can be accomplished anywhere. You do not need a range of specialized equipment – all you need is a stretch of road, a beach, etc.

You do, however, need a good set of sneakers, and these days you can even get a good price on a pair of high-quality running shoes if you know where to look. It’s important that you get a shoe that can support your foot correctly and prevent any potential joint injury.

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Considering how many times your feet will hit the pavement when running, this support will prove invaluable. One injury that is common is the development of stress fractures. The chances of developing a stress fracture can largely be reduced by wearing properly supportive shoes.

For runners, arch support is essential. You could further improve your performance and reduce your chances of injury by finding shoes that are suited to the pronation pattern of your stride.

For example, someone who has a flatter foot is more likely to overpronate and so would need shoes that compensate for that.

Are you interested in learning even more about running?

Check through the infographic from for some fun facts and useful information.

The Health Benefits of Running (Infographic) 1

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