Our children are the future! It’s undeniable that we need to prepare them for life for many things they will eventually take on and hopefully it will be better for them! To get there they will need all the energy they can get. The healthy eating pyramid can help you!

Watching them daily will make it seem they have too much energy, though as we know, we grow out of that as well. Giving them a head start will give them extra opportunities all along the way! The healthy eating pyramid is one of the many things meant to assist keeping them going in life.

What You Find In the USDA Food Guide Pyramid

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In the past couple decades, the United States Department of Agriculture created the all familiar Food Guide Pyramid. The simple graphic representation of the ingredients to a healthy diet seemed to fall short in many eyes as to what eating children and adults should eat. Though everyone saw it on numerous food packages, and the kids got a good lecture on it in the schools.

Today it has been somewhat revised to and many still believe it falls short at MyPyramid.gov. Of course the information there is still useful. There you can enter an age, gender, and a simple question related to exercise. Once you enter the information you will see a list of some food amounts and breakdowns of food you need to be healthy. It’s not complete though it can be useful in determining somewhat what you want your children to eat. You will also find other tools there as well.

Enter the Healthy Eating Pyramid

Where there is one pyramid, there are often more. This applies to at least two claims of the “Healthy Eating Pyramid”. Among them are Harvard University and the Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc.

The faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health built their Healthy Eating Pyramid. Their attempts to keep up with the science and competition of the food industry, are focused on controlling weight, distinguishing good/bad fats, encouraging whole grains over sugars in carbohydrate intake, among many other factors.

The overall focus in the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid is whole grain foods, plant oils, fruits/vegetables, fish/poultry/eggs, nuts/dried beans, dairy/calcium supplement, red meat/butter, sparingly on rice/bread/potatoes/pasta/soda/sweets, multiple vitamins, and moderate alcohol reflecting on recent studies. It also comes with focus on both diet and exercise to build overall health.

The Australian Nutrition Foundation version also brings a message of both healthy eating (variety) and physical activity in its healthy eating pyramid trademark. It stands as a suggestive chart that is available for a reasonable cost.

Where Do You Go From Here?

When it comes to your children and family, it’s wise to take every effort you can to bring about good energy in life as a result of good eating and exercise. The Healthy Eating Pyramid offers one tool that can help you in these endeavors. Another is of course MyPyramid.gov from the USDA as well.

The more you put into helping your children energize with good physical fitness and diet the better their life will be later on accompanied with good habits.

All along the way, keep looking for new and improved information related to the healthy eating pyramid. Much more will be revealed and at some point you may be helping your children raise your grandchildren as well.

For recipes and ideas for healthy eating for kids go to http://healthy-eating-for-kids.com

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