It is quite unbelievable how people the world over have continued to disregard the importance and benefits of drinking water. This fact can be observed by the proliferation of energy drinks and sports drinks as well as the ever growing popularity of beers, wines, and various types of liquors. Are these drinks much better than water in terms of overall benefit? Certainly not.

But let us save the comparison of the benefits of drinking water over other forms and types of drinks for another discussion. Let me focus instead on the facts and reason why drinking water is very important for the human body.

If you do not know yet, the human body is between 55% to 78% made up of water. That is roughly around 2/3 of the total body weight! Here are more facts: the brain, blood, and muscles contain between 75% to 90% of water. Even our bone composition is 22% water. Whew! That is a lot of water information. No wonder why doctors, our mothers, and just about anyone who knows what’s good for them have been telling us to drink water everyday. The general knowledge is to drink around eight glasses of water each day in order to replenish, re-energize, and re-hydrate our body from our regular and daily grind. If you are doing more physical and more strenuous activities, then you probably need to drink more.

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What exactly are these functions that makes water a vital component of the human body? Here are a few:

1. It facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen into each individual cell of our body.

2. It maintains the normal function of our brain. The brain actually is the most water composition at 90% and even just a slight drop in this water level can be a cause for distress. Wonder why you are sometimes having headaches, migraines, and dizziness? You most probably are suffering from an insufficient supply of water in your rain.

3. It promotes proper metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food into energy. This usually takes place in digestion. By drinking proper amounts of water, the body will easily be able to digest food, and convert these into energy much faster and more efficiently. Thus, you quickly feel re-energized and revitalized from a hard days work after drinking water.

4. It detoxifies the body and protects our vital organs. The kidney acts as a filter which sifts and prevents toxins and other harmful substances from flowing into the bloodstream. Regular water intake helps the kidney with this function, thus allowing it to rest and not get too overused. Because if the kidneys falter, these toxins and other poison will flow into the bloodstream and all hell will break loose upon our body.

So there you have it, the importance and vital benefits of drinking water to the human body. If you are still not convinced that water is good for you and that you should start drinking water regularly, then you are signing your own death wish. Drink lots of water today and save yourself from a whole lot of medical bills in the future.

Gerry Deligencia is an avid proponent of drinking water and a passionate researcher on the importance and benefits that water provides to the human body. Visit for more information on how to make the most out of drinking water.

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