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A healthy smile means so much more than just brushing twice a day. Many people will go their whole lives without knowing the real damage they are doing to their teeth every day. It is common for people to not realize that what they eat can actually help or harm their teeth over time.

There are a lot of foods, unhealthy and healthy, that can be damaging to a person’s smile. Everyone should know these foods and do what they can to prevent damage from eating them and avoid making unnecessary trips to the dentist. Here are the top eight worst foods for your teeth according to Dr. Dental

Chewy candy

Candy is frowned upon for a number of reasons. Teeth health is just one more reason to avoid candy whenever possible. Chewy candy, especially, can get stuck in a person’s teeth, causing bacteria to accumulate causing cavities and other problems.

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There is not much to be said about ice on most occasions, but many people who have the habit of chewing ice may want to take a second thought. Chewing any hard substance can be damaging to the teeth, and people who have sensitive teeth may notice a lot of discomfort and can also damage protective cover that can damage teeth even further in a long run.

Coffee and black tea

Everyone loves the little jolt that their daily cup of coffee or black tea gives them, but their mouths may not have the same reaction. These dark drinks may be tasty, but they can stain teeth over time. Rinse with water after each sip to avoid this issue.

Fruit juice

Fruit juices are another item that most people think should be a healthy part of every day that can be harmful to their smile. Not only do the acids in fruit cause erosion, but many fruit juices have added sugar that can damage teeth. Skip the added sweetener for the best option.

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Dried fruit

For all of the reasons that the previous fruit options were not so great for teeth, dried fruit is probably the most damaging way to eat fruit. Not only do these pieces still have a lot of acidity, they also can have added sugar and the chewy texture can lodge these items in teeth for the entire day. Stick with the fresh version for the most benefits.

Processed carbs

The trend to move towards less processed foods is not only to help people lose weight. Many processed foods, especially white bread and other carbohydrates, can have added sugar and chemicals which make them more difficult for teeth to defend against. Try a whole grain, less processed version instead.

Sports drinks

Though sports drinks may seem like the perfect item to quench thirst, many will do the exact opposite. It is common for sports drinks to have added sugar and sodium that make people thirstier. Switch back to water to protect your teeth. 

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruit is a common staple in many healthy diet plans. However, their juices are highly acidic, which can erode the teeth’s enamel over time. You shouldn’t stop eating these fruits since they have many benefits, however, you should try to remember to brush your teeth and gargle your mouth whenever is possible in order to remove acids that were left in your mouth after eating them.

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