Organizing all the items in our house is a sure way of keeping our house from clutter buildup. Organizing in the least amount of time possible, and doing it efficiently is really what we need when it comes to clearing clutter. There’s no need to break our backs over trying to get organized every time we go about cleaning our house. Hopefully these clutter tips will help you to get better organized when it comes to organizing clutter.

Loose papers ranks amongst the highest of household items that contribute to excessive clutter buildup. Whether it’s newspapers, work forms, kid’s school work, mail, or bills there are effective ways to organizing yourself to avoid these items cluttering your home. For instance, having a recycle bin by the garbage to hold old newspapers in is a very good idea. You will then be able to take out your garbage and recycle your newspapers at the same time.

Work related papers and forms should be filed away immediately and placed in an area that will be easily accessible for you instead of laying them around somewhere that can easily be forgotten. This has been the case for me most often. And what really drove me to organize myself a bit better, was the constant misplacement of important documents and spending 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes hours just looking for them! All this was eventually eliminated along with the stress when I began to utilize a filing cabinet and commit myself to organization.

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When it comes to school, parents are well aware of the amount of school papers that come home with their children every day. Parents often times want to keep everything their children make yet at the same time wish to cut down on clutter. What I have done that allows me to keep what my children create at school, was to buy a plastic bin that I set near their backpacks, in which I place in that bin what I am going to keep and discard everything else that isn’t needed. This allows me to keep and store all of my children’s precious creations so that they may one day be able to go through it themselves.

If it’s the mail that is taking too much counter or desk space, take the time to go through it and discard the junk mail immediately when you get it. To increase the productiveness of this task set a small trash can by the door so junk mail doesn’t have a chance to enter the house. Place bills that need to be paid closest to the area where they are taken care of. Do you like to pay bills by phone, computer, or envelope? Hang your bills on a wall next to either one of these, or set your bills near envelopes and stamps to increase organizational productivity. It may seem simple, but when put into practice it’s really helpful.

When it comes to other types of clutter, you should always ask yourself; Is this an item that I am going to use again? If you’re like me, then you like to hold on to everything you have and throwing away something is not easy. But for the sake of your home and yourself, if you haven’t used it for quite some time you most likely have no intention of using it again. A good way to get rid of items you no longer use or want is to sell them or give them away to a charity if they are still in working condition. I’ve had great success selling items I no longer needed and even made a few hundred dollars on the side.

Another effective way to organize clutter is to purchase large storage bins to hold any items that you still want, and will still use but are currently taking up to much space. These containers can easily be stored in an attic, basement or a garage. Also keep in mind that if anything you own is damaged or broken and you have no intention of fixing it, toss it. It’s better to free up as much space as you can than holding on to things that can no longer work for you.

Debra Marks is a House Cleaning enthusiast and author. For more information on organizing clutter, you can visit a website dedicated to providing quality information on house cleaning.

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