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It takes dedication and persistence if you want to get the benefits of practicing yoga. To get the best results you need to practice on a regular basis and stay consistent.

The first step of your journey is to simply start. Whether it means spending a few minutes at home performing asanas before heading to work or starting a regular meditation practice you need to start small and build from there.

Yoga postures and meditation exercises are simple enough to learn, even for someone who never done it before. The main reason most people fail is due to their inability to turn the practice into a regular habit. By planning ahead, setting goals and incorporating yoga into your daily schedule you will improve your chances of success.

The following tips may help you get the most out of yoga if you’re just starting.

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Set Goals

When you start your practice you need to set measurable goals and work toward achieving them. Don’t give up if you get frustrated at first. Many people give up before they start to see the results. By setting short and long term goals and staying positive on your journey you will eventually get the results you’re looking for. Don’t get discouraged. There were many others before you who felt exactly the same. By sticking with your practice you’ll be able to achieve your goals and get better over time.

Be organized

Your life will be less stressful if you stay organized. This rule also applies to yoga. Plan regular practice and work it into your regular schedule. You will get the best results if you practice yoga on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to do it during the day, wake up earlier and practice in the morning when there are fewer distractions. Figure out what works for you and try to follow through and stay consistent with your practice.

Stay Focused

When you do yoga and meditation, you need to be physically and mentally present during your practice. You won’t get the results you expect if your mind is not focused on performing asanas. When you practice yoga, you should try to be in the moment and focus on being fully present. This means keeping your mind from drifting away and instead, paying attention to your breath and poses you’re practicing.

Practice with Friends

Learning how to give and share is an important part of yoga practice. Add some fun into your daily yoga practice by involving your friends who can benefit from practicing yoga. The enthusiasm and encouragement of others will help you continue your practice event when you have no desire to continue.

Learn Patience

You don’t have to practice yoga for many years to reap the rewards. With a regular yoga practice and meditation, you will see the improvements fairly quickly. However, you shouldn’t focus on short-term benefits. What really matters, are the long term goals you set for yourself. It might take time, but with dedication and persistence, you will be able to achieve your goals of becoming a better and healthier person.

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