physical activity, many mistakenly treat it as just another form of exercise class one can squeeze into their busy schedule. That’s why those who practice yoga sometimes leave their class feeling anything but bliss and serenity. The reasons for that can be varied, but there are some practical and down-to-earth steps anyone can take to ensure that every yoga class is a truly special experience.

1. Get rid of distractions

Focus is of paramount importance when practicing yoga, so make sure that there are no potential annoyances that might make it your way during class. This goes for details ranging from haircuts – bangs and elaborate hairdos should be avoided – to your clothes. Make sure your outfit is comfortable and won’t become troublesome when you assume various positions.

2. Buy a good mat

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A good mat is more than a little fancy detail – having your own mat will improve your experience at the studio. If you want to invest in something that will last you years, it’s best to ask your instructors or someone who knows their way around yoga gear. Yoga-oriented brands can sometimes be tricky and not necessarily wallet-friendly.

Features to look for are the mat’s thickness, stickiness and length. The sticky quality might sound funny now, but once you spend a long time in a tricky position, you’ll be more than grateful for it.

3. Invest in a good towel

This is another thing that might seem like a minor detail, but can significantly affect your yoga lesson. A good mat towel should have non-slip bottom that helps it to stick to the mat and an absorbency quality to remove all the sweat. With a regular beach towel, you’ll find yourself sliding around and losing your focus every time the towel changes its position.

4. Let the instructor know about any physical limitations

If you’re suffering from a pain or just had a minor surgery, don’t hesitate to let the instructor know. He or she will apply modifications to your program and offer you solutions that will go along with the possibilities of your body. If you keep silent, you might suffer through the class and leave dissatisfied with the entire practice of yoga.

5. Listen to the instructor carefully

Even if your yoga teacher has a tendency to give spiritual significance to each and every move, don’t brush off those words as gibberish and actually listen. You won’t lose anything and you might actually learn something new. Keep an open mind.

6. Always bring some water

Some people think yoga is just about breathing and moving at a turtle’s pace, but more often than not you’ll break a sweat during your class. Sweating is our body’s strategy to regulate its internal temperature – remember that with sweat, you’re also losing water. That’s why it’s important to always have a bottle of mineral water with you – it’s for your own comfort.

7. Try something new

Don’t be afraid of trying new positions – the instructor’s job is to help you to broaden your knowledge and take that crucial next step necessary that leads to development. Be open to new positions and approaches – leave your expectations outside the studio.

8. Follow your body’s rhythm

Yoga is there to help you understand your body. If a position suddenly becomes too much, don’t hesitate to pause it and relax. Respect the reactions of your body to physical exercises and don’t push yourself to achieve more.

9. Stop considering it a challenge

This point naturally ties up with the former one – yoga isn’t like a regular sport with clear-cut achievement margins like time or intensity. Don’t approach yoga positions as challenges. Just let go and start enjoying it.

10. Don’t take it seriously

No one will grade you here, so if you just stay focused, breathe and listen to your body, you’re already gaining a lot from this class. Yoga isn’t a serious sport – the ability to laugh at oneself is crucial to maintain a healthy balance.

Yoga is something much more than just a sport – it’s a training that helps you to understand your body and treat it with respect. Yoga can hold different values for different people – find out what you’re looking for and employ it in your training. This way, you’ll be sure to get the most from your yoga experience.

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