Clutter spaces are like hidden tax – they secretly steal away your creativity and energy.  The ether that surrounds us connects all us through energy neurons that are not entirely scientifically explained by modern science.  These energy neurons are clogged in presence of clutter.

Here are the top 5 benefits of de-cluttering your space:

1. When we rid ourselves of all the useless material possessions, we place the attention on empty spaces.  This increases our awareness and brings our consciousness to light.

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2. De-cluttering detaches us from the emotional attachments we have created with things that are not serving us anymore. Holding onto things that are associated with negative experiences only focuses our mind on more of that kind of experiences and in turn, re-create those experiences in our life.  When you de-clutter your home of things that have negative associations, you make a room for creating new positive associations and thereby new experiences.

3. De-clutter relieves your stress – creating more room for applying your creativity and artistic drives.  The hidden energy that is released from de-stressing your home reaches out in all other areas of your life and creates a positive impact.  This creates what chaos theorist call “butterfly effect.”  – A term coined by chaos theorist Edward Lorenz, which refers to the idea that when a butterfly flaps it’s wings, it creates a tiny change in the atmosphere that may lead to bigger chain of events like altering the path of tornado or even prevent its occurrence.  The point is, even a small event can cause a chain of large-scale events and alter the geography of entire civilization.

4. De-cluttering your home creates deeper levels of serenity and fulfillment in your life.  In feng shui tradition, the extra space that you create by de-cluttering your spaces, allows free flow of the “chi” in your home.  This free-flowing energy alleviates your problems and creates a deeper level of harmony and balance in your life.

5. According to ancient Hawaiian Metaphysics theory of Huna, what you focus on expands itself automatically.  When you focus your attention on clutter that surrounds your physical space, your unconscious mind starts creating more clutter in emotional and financial areas of your life.  It negatively affects your finances and relationships as well.  On the other hand, when the physical space around is clean and well organized, you create more balanced relationships and financial life as well.

As you can see, De-cluttering goes beyond just the physical realm of your life.  It has multitude of benefits that extends to spiritual, financial, and emotional realms as well. 

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Amy C is a
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