Kiwi, a shortened name for kiwifruit is famously known in New Zealand though it’s also very popular in Italy and France. In China kiwifruit is called Chinese gooseberry and is considered to be China’s national fruit. Kiwi fruit is commonly found in salads and could be eaten as a whole. It is sweet, succulent and is a nutritional powerhouse of all fruits with its numerous vitamins and minerals. Among the many benefits of kiwi fruit are the following:

1. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C

Did you know that kiwifruit has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges? In fact, you only need a single kiwi a day to comply with the daily Vitamin C requirement for your body. Eating a kiwifruit a day will most likely keep the doctor away. Aside from eating the fruit raw, it can also be blended and mixed with milk and other fruits. Kiwifruit be cut and mixed with other fruits and whipped with cream. Vitamin C is very important for a healthy immune system, so make sure you get enough of it.

2. Kiwi is effective in maintaining a healthy weight

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Kiwifruit is among the many fruits that could aid weight loss because they contains antioxidants and saturated fats which are healthy for the body. If you are watching what you eat to be fit, adding kiwifruit to your diet will provide your body with added benefits.

3. Kiwi fruit helps prevent diseases

Aside from keeping the immune system strong that keeps a person free from diseases like common colds and cough, kiwifruit can also prevent cancers because of antioxidants it contains. Phytonutrients found in kiwifruit also helps protect the body acquire diseases. Kiwifruit is also known to have high fiber content that prevents constipation. Cardiovascular diseases are also prevented by kiwifruit.

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4. Kiwi is good for pregnant women

Kiwi is also advisable for pregnant women as it is very rich in folic acid. Folic acid helps cognitive and brain developments of babies while in their mother’s wombs. Neural defects in infants that may develop during pregnancy can also be prevented.

5. Kiwi is rich in minerals needed by the body

One kiwifruit contains several minerals like calcium needed for bone strength and development; iron that helps prevent anemia and proper oxygen flow in the body; magnesium that energizes the body; zinc that keeps hair, skin and nails healthy; and potassium that can help prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Kiwifruit is not only packed with vitamins and minerals but is also very tasty and quite inexpensive in many parts of the world, so make sure to add it to your shopping grocery list and enjoy its many benefits.

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