With apologies to moms everywhere, it is time to set the record straight. You won’t ruin your eyesight by reading in dim light. Eyestrain as the cause of vision problems is an old wives’ tale. Your eyes are designed to be used 24 hours a day. Still staring at computer for hours on end can tax your eye muscles and make your eyes water and sting.

Unfortunately, your baby blues were not built to handle the visual bombardment delivered by these modern-day emitters. But technology should not take all the blame for eyestrain. You can get it from driving a car, from exposure to air pollution, and from reading all that fine print on pill bottles, car ads, and credit card statements. Here are some tips that you can consider to adopt to prevent further damage to your eye.

1. Exercise Your Eyes

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To prevent eyestrain, it is recommended to do eye yoga. Move your eyes slowly and smoothly as far to the left as you can, then as far to the right as you can. Continue by looking up, then down, then at all four diagonals. Repeat the entire sequence three to five times, once or twice a day. You may feel a little pain at first. Stop if it is too much.

2. Get Illuminated

Adequate lighting is important to preventing eyestrain. But you also want to be sure that you have the right kind of lighting. Avoid high-intensity lamps. They cast shadows and cause glare. Opt for incandescent lamps instead. Put one on each side of you so that you get equal brightness with no shadows.

3. Have Your Eyes Examined

If you wear glasses and experience eyestrain, you may need a new prescription. You can easily overwork your eye muscles if your eyes need correction and don’t get it.

4. Read Right

Do not read when you are lying down especially on your side. When you are on your side, one eye is closer to the page than the other, so you get unequal focusing. Instead, hold the book parallel to your face. If your head is tipped forward, for example, the book should be tipped slightly back.

5. Orbit Your Orbs

Using your thumb or forefinger, gently press the bone surrounding each eye socket. Start at the upper inner corner of your eye and move along the top of the bone toward the outer corner of your eye. Then move along the bottom of the bone toward your nose. Press each point along the way for 10 to 20 seconds.

6. Take Time-Outs

Allow for a short break at least every ½ hour to give your eyes a well-deserved rest. You learn from experience how often you need to take a break. Just remember that the idea is to stop eyestrain before it starts.

7. Make Some Heat

A technique called cupping can ease eyestrain. First, rub your hands together to make them warm. Then gently press your palms against your closed eyes and hold them there for a while. You will find it very soothing.
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