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Youthful skin is characterized by its healthy appearance. As we age our collagen production begins to naturally decline. Collagen is part of the building blocks of the skin and what keeps skin from aging, wrinkling and looking unhealthy. There are many different types of foods that can help provide your skin with the nutrients that it needs to age more gracefully. By eating a diet high in antioxidants you are helping to keep the cells from oxidizing, which is what accelerates aging.

The antioxidants Vitamins A, C and E fight off free radical damage that ages the skin. Foods highest in Vitamin A include the following: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and greens. Foods highest in Vitamin C include fruits and vegetables such as; oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, red peppers and brussel sprouts. Foods highest in Vitamin E include spinach, olives and vegetable oils.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: There is much talk about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for heart health. But these good fats are also very powerful allies in the quest to slow down the aging process. Well known anti-aging physician, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, promotes a diet that is high in Omega-3’s and antioxidants. Top foods for omega-3’s include; seafood, eggs, canola oil and walnuts.

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Foods nourish the skin from the inside out. This is far more effective than simply applying creams and lotions to the skin. The right foods help stimulate collagen production and will make your skin more youthful. Avocados: This fruit is very healthy for the skin. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that promote skin health. Primarily it contains Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B and E. Lecithin and potassium are also found in avocados. A and E are high in antioxidants and lecithin is known to strengthen skin cells. Avocados also contain minerals that help prevent inflammation which ages the skin.

Blueberries: Berries and blueberries in particular contain among the highest levels of antioxidants found in any foods. They promote healing of the skin and are anti-inflammatory. Blueberries make a healthy, low calorie snack that you can enjoy daily.

Cruciferous Vegetables: These include vegetables such as broccoli, kale and cabbage. They help detoxify the body and are filled with minerals and antioxidants that work to repair damage to the skin.

There are so many delicious ways you can enjoy these vegetables. A simple sauté with olive oil which is filled with healthy omega-3 fatty acids is an easy way to enjoy these foods. Green Leafy Vegetables: These include collard greens and spinach. High in Vitamins A and C, these carotenoid antioxidants will help your skin to stay soft and smooth. Green Tea: Since green tea is minimally processed it maintains a naturally higher level of antioxidants. The type of antioxidant found in green tea is known as "catechins". This antioxidant helps to keep the skin hydrated and promotes better blood circulation with creates that youthful glow. You can enjoy a cup or two throughout the day and know that you are helping your skin stay healthy.

Seeds: Sunflower seeds in particular are high in vitamin E. This antioxidant power combined with the essential fatty acids it contains helps slow down the skins aging process. Fatty acids also keep the skin softer and suppler. There are certain dairy products that are high in vitamin A. Stick to the healthiest dairy foods such as plain yogurts and eggs. Whole grains are very high in b vitamins which nourish the skin. B vitamins help cells to grow and replace cells that have died. They also help prevent rough, dry skin. You can eat the healthiest grains by concentrating on whole wheat breads and pasta, oatmeal and brown rice.

Whole Foods: Focus on creating a diet that is filled with whole foods to protect your skin health. Avoid processed foods, sugars, white flour products and unhealthy fats. Create a diet centered on whole fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins such as seafood, chicken and turkey, whole grains and healthy oils. These foods contain the highest levels of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. By following some of these tips and guidelines you will be providing your body with the much needed nutrients to promote healthier skin. Aging is something we cannot avoid, however we can slow the process down and be happier with our physical appearance with proper nutrition. Remember whenever beginning any dietary or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.



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