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When you think of health care jobs, the first careers that often spring to mind are surgeons, family practitioners, physical therapists, dentists, and the like. However, in the ever expandinghealth care industry (demand has in fact been growing at a rate that’s twice as high as the national economy), there are in fact a huge variety of job types to choose from, many of which aren’t really all that well known.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in health care, but haven’t worked out which area to specialize in yet, make sure you research the numerous career paths you could take. From using skills in business and management, to communication, analysis, accuracy, or more, there are many ways in which to make a living helping people. Read on for just some of the top health care jobs you might not have previously considered or known about.

Health Care Managers

Are you passionate about improving the quality of health care in America, and increasing patient safety levels? If so, it might be wise for you to study a Master’s of Health care Quality. This advanced degree can lead to a job in this emerging field of health care that combines proactive hands-on work with management skills.

This is a great health care position for those keen on a leadership role.  These positions are based within hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, health centers, and evengovernment organizations.

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Health care managers work across the administrative and leadership functions in facilities, either for an entire venue or for a specific department. Also called health care executives, or administrators, these staff members interact closely with medical personnel, custodial staff, suppliers, and a variety of other jobs.

As a health care manager, you would be responsible for many facets of a facility. For starters, the role would likely encompass the management of all the staff working at a venue, or within an allocated department. In this type of role you would manage the budget, run the operations of the center, and act as its spokesperson any time media representatives required information. Strategic planning tends to be a large part of this role as well.

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If you’re comfortable looking at and working with blood, a career as a phlebotomist might suit you. The term phlebotomy comes from the combination of the Greek words “phlebo,” meaning veins, and “tomy,” referring to making a surgical incision.

Phlebotomists are the medical technicians that skilfully extract blood from people with a needle, a procedure classified as venipuncture. The samples are used either for completing tests to evaluate patient health, or are kept for blood transfusions.

Phlebotomists assist nurses and doctors by collecting patient blood using sterilized instruments. These staff can be found in nearly all health care facilities. They often collect and test not only blood, but also urine and other fluid samples, and are responsible for carefully and accurately setting up tests before each patient is seen.

Crisis Counselors

Crisis Counselors work in a specific area within mental health counseling that assists people who have been through an emotionally intense, exhausting, or traumatic experience (such as rape, kidnapping, or other horrific event or accident).

They must generally be registered with a regulatory body in either clinical social work or psychology, and work with people of all ages and from every type of background.This field of counseling is short term, generally only around one to three months at maximum, and covers both patient assessments and treatment.

Counselors trained in this specialized area help clients in a variety of ways. They provide emotional support, plus information and activities to help sufferers recover from, and move past a crisis. They assist patients with the creation of new structures in their lives; help them to increase their awareness of limiting beliefs and/or feelings; and work to help individuals restore a sense of control after a difficult event.

Top Health Care Jobs You Might Not Have Considered 2

Physician Assistants

Physician assistants, or PAs, work closely with, and under the supervision of, medical practitioners. PAs perform a variety of duties that cover both clinical diagnostic work and preventative health care services, all as part of a team, usually in a hospital or clinic.

Physician assistants help to reduce the demand on doctors and other medical personnel, and are only going to become more and more vital over the coming years as the current population ages. PAs can complete a number of tasks, from interacting with patients and running tests, to prescribing medications, and taking records.

This is just a small sample of some of the lesser-known yet incredibly important jobs within the health care industry. No matter your area of interest, it’s worthwhile examining whether a career in the health care and social services industry might be just what you’re looking for when it comes to a long-term career path.

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