Natural Healthy Snacks

Most of us feel tired in the middle of the day and this makes us perform poorly at work or whatever we’re doing. Our sluggishness can result from our meal skipping habit or lack of sleep at night. But do you know that the snacks you eat daily greatly impact your energy levels as well?

However, when it comes to snacking, people often choose chocolate bars and soda to curb hunger and feel better. These foods give you an energy boost that does not last long. In fact, they send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride and leave you feeling more hungry and tired than ever.

The solution? Pick healthy snack options that are filling, satisfying, and capable or recharging your body. Start ditching your unhealthy choices and munch on better treats.

Check out these top natural healthy snacks.

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Greek yogurt

Do you often miss breakfast because you hurry off to work? Avoid feeling those mid-morning hunger pangs by snacking on Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a grab-and-go snack which doesn’t need any preparation – perfect for someone as busy as you!

It contains a good amount of protein to make you feel instantly full for just a few calories. Moreover, protein gives you a steady stream of energy to help you stay productive for hours before your next meal. Not only that, Greek yogurt contains magnesium that promotes a healthy digestion.


If you need a quick energy boost for your running workout while not keeping you too full, munch on bananas. They help you feel satisfied for longer periods since they contain complex carbohydrates and natural sugars. Cakes and cookies have simple carbohydrates which immediately get depleted.

But what you’ll love about bananas is the fact that they give your body tyrosine, an amino acid that helps produce norepinephrine. If you didn’t know, norepinephrine promotes alertness and increases your attention. Bananas are indeed amazing!


When it comes to eating healthy snacks, we often ignore nuts. Nuts are underrated but the truth is that they are among the world’s most nutritious foods. No matter what diet you’re in, whether you’re a vegan or on the dukan diet, it doesn’t matter. Nuts are convenient.

Among all the nuts, almonds contain the most amount of fiber. This high fiber content is the reason why you’ll feel fuller longer. What’s more, almonds are a good source of protein which helps regulate your energy levels and improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

Tuna with cucumber slices

This delicious combination of tuna and cucumber gives you a healthy dose of protein and fiber. A guilt-free snack treat! It’s very simple to prepare. All you need to do is slice cucumbers and put a spoonful on tuna on top of each slice.

The protein and fiber in this snack will promote a slower digestion, thus allowing the slow release of sugar into your blood stream. Not only do tuna and cucumber slices make you full and energetic, they provide you with nutrients like vitamin K to regulate your glucose metabolism and omega 3 to enhance your brain performance.

Whole grains

One very good reason to eat whole grains for snacks is that they have a high fiber content. If you want to satisfy your hunger but are trying to slim down your waistline, there are convenient whole grain options to choose from. These are rolled oats and whole-wheat crackers.

Whole grains also offer amazing benefits to your digestive system by preventing inflammation and promoting the growth of good bacteria in your intestines. When the bacteria in your gut is balanced, so is your immune system. They work together to help you be at your best.

Over to You 

You might not realize how productive and energetic you can be with the right nutrition. Reaching your body’s full potential is possible. It’s simply a matter of knowing and doing what’s right for your health. So, are you ready to power up with healthier snack choices? We hope you are.


Video: 5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas!

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