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It is estimated that 31 million Americans (Back Pack Statistics) will experience some form of lower back pain. There could be many reasons, some serious like a back injury, but there are more common and overlooked reasons why you might be in pain.

Your Shoes

It might not seem too obvious, but your shoes could be causing you to have back issues. The most troublesome type of shoes are heels, which force feet in an awkward position and throws the back off kilter adding unnecessary pressure. This is unfortunate, because 39 percent of women wear high heels every day. Due to that, it has become one of the most common reasons as to why many suffer from back pain. If you are into heels, then you should limit how often you wear them. Yet, you should know that flats aren’t so advisable either since they don't have a heel or any arch support.

Bad Lifting

Of course, one of the main culprits of back pain is lifting heavy objects incorrectly. Most people bend down to pick up an object and force their backs to do the heavy lifting, which can lead to back pain or even a back injury. What you want to do is keep your back straight and bend your knees. Use your legs to lift the item rather than your back.

The Mattress

The mattress that you sleep on and the way you sleep could be the issue. For one, sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your back, which lasts throughout the night. Sleep on your back or on your side instead to avoid this particular issue, provided that your mattress is in good condition. A good mattress should provide support, but an old mattress will simply let your body sink in, which puts your body in an awkward position and adds pressure to the back once again. Be sure that your mattress is effective or purchase one with good lumbar support. When you go to a mattress store, make sure that you test out a few different types so that you know which mattress is best for you. This is especially important if you are sharing the bed with someone.

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Your Posture

Many people sit for a long period of time like at an office or even driving. It is sometimes tempting to lean forward or backward while typing or driving. Both of these actions add pressure to your back and may result in pain afterward. Make sure that your back is always in a straight position when sitting down. You might want to consider buying an ergonomic chair, which helps improve posture and support the back.

Back pain resulting from any of the issues mentioned above can be reversed, as long as you do your best to correct some of the aforementioned back straining mistakes. Hopefully, these corrections help deal with your back pain, but it is still wise to talk to your back pain specialist.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. For your mattress needs, she recommends Dreamland.

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